CSUB Roadrunner Athletics Logos

The CSU Bakersfield Roadrunner athletics trademark package contains all athletics marks used to communicate school spirit.

The athletics marks may be used by recreational sports teams, student clubs or groups, and by alumni groups.

Athletics marks may not be combined with or replace the CSU Bakersfield logo. Its use on stationery is limited to CSUB Athletics.

Contact the Athletics marketing department for more information or to request usage permission.

CSUB Athletics Logo

CSUB has enetered into a partnership with the Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) to help:

  1. protect the university's trademarks,
  2. promote the university's brand through merchandise sales and product placement and
  3. allow the university to profi t from the sales of merchandise.

For more information about trademarks and licensing please visit www.csub.edu/trademarks/. For more information about SMA, please visit their website at www.smaworks.com.

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