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International students and programs American Language Institute

International students are finding that living on-campus is ideal and beneficial to them. Why international students should live on campus? Students living on campus:

1. Gain valuable leadership and team-building experience

2. Meet new friends (domestic and foreign) and forge lifelong friendships

3. Share and learn different cultures and customs

4. Practice English

5. No commute time to campus

6. Have more time to dedicate to their studies.

7. Walking distance across campus to campus's library, computer lab, Student Recreational Center, and other departments

8. Access to the on-campus university and Student Housing activities and programs that take place on campus throughout the academic year.

Students living on campus have the opportunity to live independently while having the support from the Student Housing staff who live on campus such as the Resident and Community Assistants, the Residential Community Coordinators, the Residential Area Coordinator, and Assistant Director of Residential Life. 

How to be a student at CSU Bakersfield

International and local students interested in learning English and to prepare for the TOEFL or IELTS examination, please check out the American Language Institute page for more information.

International students interested in undergraduate or graduate degree programs, please check out the International Students & Programs page for more information.