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History Alumni Features

Joseph Andreotti  (BA 2006) - teaching for eleven years. I teach 8th-grade history at Lakeside School and serve as the district’s AVID site coordinator, AVID elective teacher, and am a member of the PBIS site team.

"I tell my students to not pursue a career solely based on monetary benefits, but a career that will be rewarding and that they will want to wake up to every morning for the next thirty-five years."

Peter Parra  (MA 2012) -  High school teacher at Highland High School in Bakersfield

 “Enormously proud of earning the MA in History from C.S.U.B.  I was almost forty years old at the time and a little nervous about returning to school after so many years……. with tremendous support from family, peers, and professors, I was able to read all the books, write all the papers, and give all the presentations.”

Stacy Teeters    (BA 2011) - Research & Planning Analyst for Grossmont College, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

“When I first started my graduate program, I suffered from some symptoms of imposter syndrome—feeling that I didn’t necessarily belong there—since a lot of my classmates completed their undergraduate studies at bigger, well-known universities. However, after a short while, I realized that my education at CSUB prepared me to succeed in my rigorous graduate studies. At CSUB, I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors, complete independent research projects, and refine my writing skills—and, in some instances, I felt better prepared than my colleagues who went to larger schools.”

Jacqui Kitchen   (BA 2006) -  Planning Director for the City of Bakersfield which provides expertise and administrative support on all planning and zoning related issues for the city.