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History Forum Speakers, 2000-present


Douglas Dodd, CSUB "National Forests vs. National Parks: Bureaucratic Rivalry and the Preservation of Public Lands"
3/31/00 James Sefton and Frederick Kuretski, CSU Northridge "History and Photography: A Journey Along California Highway 166"

Fredrik Logevall, UCSB

"Vietnam Reconsidered: Origins and Legacies of War"

John Maynard, CSUB

Book Launch of California: Golden Past, Shining Future
1/12/01 Miriam Vivian, CSUB "The Christianization of Rome: Myths, Monuments and Martyrs in the Transformation of the City"
2/9/01 Charlotte Furth, USC "Doing Research on the History of the Body: Representation and Experience"
4/27/01 Gonzalo Santos, CSUB "Winning the War Against Oblivion: An Eye-Witness Account of the Historic Zapatista March to Mexico City"

Gordon Berger, USC

"Sumo: Mirror, Expression and Molder of Japanese Society"


James Meriwether, CSUB

"Zimbabwe: Todii, or What Shall We Do?"

Ken Manungo, U. of Zimbabwe

"Zimbabwe Today"

Randolph Bergstrom, UCSB

"Courting Equality: Law and the Injuries of Race in Turn-of-the-Century New York"

Mario T. Garcia, UCSB

"Oral History and the Ethnic Subject: Studies in the Chicano Experience"


John E. Wills, USC

"The Unconfinable Variety, Splendor, and Strangeness of the Human Condition"

Richard Orsi, CSU Hayward

"New Approaches to the History of the Southern Pacific Railroad in California and the West"

Alemseghed Kebede, CSUB

"The Historical Roots of Athletic Cult in Contemporary Ethiopia: The Long and Unfinished Quest for National Dignity"

Mark Baker, CSUB

"Rampaging Women, Cowering Police, Bazaar Riots and Moral Economy:  The Social Impact of the Great War in Kharkiv Province, Ukraine"

Jerome Kleinsasser, CSUB

"Another Look at Lawrence Tibbett: America’s First Crossover Artist"


Kindon Meik, CSUB

"Contested Space and Contested Voices: The Hygienist Movement in Buenos Aires, 1871-1910"


Jeri Echeverria, CSU Fresno

"Bakersfield’s Boarding Houses: Hub of Basque Settlement"

 Victor Geraci, UC Berkeley

"The Rise of Santa Barbara’s Wine Industry"

 Constance Orliski, CSUB

"What Revolution? A Historical Look at China in the 21st Century"

Mark Baker, CSUB

"The ‘Orange Revolution’ as Social History:  What Happened in Late 2004 in Ukraine and Why?"

Daniel Lewis, Cal Poly Pomona

"Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo on Things Californian: A Chautauqua Presentation"

John-Paul Himka, University of Alberta

"The Titillating and Grotesque:  The Demise of Last-Judgment Icons in the Carpathian Mountains"
5/12/06 Douglas Dodd, CSUB "The Best Law You’ve Never Heard Of: Celebrating the Centennial of the Antiquities Act, 1906-2006"
10/13/06 Birger Pearson, UCSB "Discoveries in Early Christianity: Gnostic Manuscripts and the Gospel of Judas"

Miriam Raub Vivian, CSUB

"Roman Life on the Outposts of Empire"

Ronald Dolkart, CSUB

"Angela Peralta: El Ruisenor Mexicano (The Mexican Nightengale)"

Peter La Chapelle, Nevada State College

"Fightin' Sides: The Vietnam War, the Counterculture, and Merle Haggard's 'Okie from Muskogee'"
02/29/08 Thomas Meyer, CSUB "The Meyers: The Story of a Jewish-Christian Family and their Experiences in Nazi and Post-war Divided Germany"
05/02/08 Terry Phillips, KVPR radio "Murder at the Altar: A Historical Novel"
09/19/08 Fr. David Orique, O.P., University of Oregon “The Unheard Voice of Law from the Often Heard Text:  A New Rendition of Bartolomé de Las Casas’ Brevísima Relación de la Destruición de las Indias
02/27/09 Oliver Rink, CSUB “Wampum, Furs, and Guilders:
Dutch Commercial Capitalism Comes to America”
04/24/09 Lia Schraeder, CSUB "Spirits of the Times: Spiritism and the Mythology of the Mexican Revolution"
05/22/09 Becky Orfila, Elise Palos, Marie Poland, Peter Parra (CSUB M.A. students) CSUB M.A. Student History Forum on Local History
10/02/09 James Meriwether,
CSU Channel Islands
"'It’s Not a War': Three Elections, Two Obamas, One Fulbright"
01/29/10 Bettine Birge,
"Marriage and the law in China during the age of Khubilai Khan"
04/30/10 Jerome Kleinsasser, CSUB "Lawrence Tibbett: America's First Labor Leader for the Performing Arts"
10/14/10 Gabriel Gutierrez,
CSU Northridge
"'Amanzar': Historical and Cultural Readings of Victor Villasenor's Educational Journey in Burro Genius"
11/17/10 Mark Baker, CSUB "Patron, Protege and Prophet: Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev, party disloyalty, and the 1923 'affair.'"
01/28/11 Robert C. Pavlik, Caltrans "Norman Clyde: Legendary Mountaineer of California's Sierra Nevada"
04/22/11 Erin Miller,
Bakersfield College
"William Penn: 'A Faith that Overcomes the World'"

Mario T. Garcia, UCSB, & Sal Castro, educator and activist

"Blowout! Sal Castro & the Chicano Struggle for Educational Justice"

Sheila Lloyd, University of Redlands

"No Exceptions: The Other Wes Moore's Challenge to Exceptionalism"

Lily E. Hirsch, Independent Scholar

"'Jewish Music' in Nazi Germany: Musical Politics and the Berlin Jewish Culture League"

Bradley Asher, Independent Scholar

"Cecelia and Fanny: The Remarkable Friendship between an Escaped Slave and Her Former Mistress"
02/11/12 Professor Oliver Rink (CSUB) and Nancy Rink "The Lowell Mill Girls and America's Early Industrial Revolution"
02/01/13 William C. Tweed, Ph.D.
Sequoia National Park Foundation
"The National Park Idea: An Historical Appraisal"
05/05/13 Patricia Cline Cohen,
"Rethinking Traditional Marriage in 19th-century America:
The ‘Marriage Reform’ Movement of the 1850s"
10/25/13 Mustafah Dhada, CSUB “Epistemological Imperialism and Mass Violence in World History: The Wiriyamu Massacre of 1972 Examined”

Mark Baker, CSUB

“Was the Soviet Union a Proletarian Project?”

Gray Brechin, UC Berkeley

“The Grapes of Charity: California’s Living New Deal”

Robert Cherny, SFSU

“Communism and Anti-Communism in California in the 1930s”

Anne Marie Plane, UCSB

“Invisible Worlds: Historical Methods and Challenges of Reading Historic Dream Reports in Colonial New England”

Mario Garcia, UCSB

“Latino Generation: Voices of the New America”

John C. Pinheiro, Aquinas College

“Religion, American Identity, and the Mexican-American War”

Steven W. Hackel, UC Riverside

“The Rock and the Crucifix: Two Hundred Years of Remembering Junipero Serra”


Mario Garcia, UCSB

“The Chicano Generation: Testimonios from the Movement”

Philip Garone, CSU Stanslaus

“Intersections: A History of Water, Agriculture, and Wildlife in the San Joaquin Valley”

Anelise Hanson Shrout, CSU Fullerton

“What do Politics Have to do With Starving Millions?: Digital Humanities Approaches to the History of Philanthropy”


Andres Resendez, UC Davis

"The Other Slavery: The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America"

Kelly Lytle Hernandez, UCLA

“City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles, 1771–1965”

Robeson Taj Frazier, USC

"The East is Black: Cold War China and the Black Radical Imagination"

Harold Drake, UCSB

"A Century of Miracles: How Life Changed for Christians, Pagans and Jews Between 312 and 410."

Sandra Mendiola García, University of North Texas 

"Street Democracy: Vendors, Violence, and Public Space in Late Twentieth-Century Mexico."

Diane M.T. North, University of Maryland, University College

“California at War: The State and the People During World War I.”

Stephen Allen, CSUB

"A History of Boxing in Mexico: Masculinity, Modernism, and Nationalism."

Kevin Dawson, UC Merced

"History Below the Waterline: Enslaved Salvage Divers and the Hinter-seas Production of Colonial Capital."

Ronit Stahl, UC Berkeley

“The Four Chaplains Reconsidered: Race and
Religion in the U.S. Military.”

 Jessica Lynne Pearson, Macalester College

“The Colonial Politics of Global Health: France and the United Nations in Postwar Africa.”

 Benjamin Madley, UCLA

"An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873"

Sean Wempe, CSUB

"Revenants of the German Empire: Colonial Germans, Imperialism, and the League of Nations."

 Edward J. Watts, UC San Diego

"Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny."