Join the Student Health Outreach Team (SHOT)


  • To meet new people and get involved on campus
  • To make recommendations regarding health fees and have an impact on student health service
  • To make contacts in health care professions
  • To have fun!

What are some of SHOT's Goals?

  • To learn leadership skills
  • To interact with health professionals
  • To promote healthy lifestyles and participate in health promotion activities
  • To act as patient advocate by making recommendations to the SHS
  • To serve as liaison between the student body and the SHS

What are some of the SHOT activities?

  • World AIDS Day activities
  • Sexual Responsibility Week
  • Tobacco Awareness
  • Stress Buster Days and more!!
  • SHOT seeks to maintain membership that is representative of the student body and welcomes those students interested in campus health services and promotion of healthy life-style choices. All students are welcome. For more information about SHOT's various activities and programs, you can call 654-3305.

SHOT Mission Statement

To aid the Student Health Services in providing the best medical care, health education, and medical resources for students at CSUB.