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General Information


Student Health Services (SHS) was established to provide quality basic health and preventive services to CSUB students. These services aim to assist each student in maintaining their maximum physical and emotional well-being, helping them realize the total educational opportunities afforded by CSUB.


SHS is equipped with examination and treatment rooms; minor procedure rooms; in-house clinical laboratory and pharmacy services; and a willing, knowledgeable staff interested in serving students.


SHS provides basic, out-patient medical services for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and subacute conditions, illnesses and injuries. Student fees support the facility and provide many basic services--available at little or no cost. These include:

  • Medical evaluation and counseling for individual health problems
  • Health behavior change counseling (nutrition, smoking cessation, etc.)
  • Programs in health education
  • Contraception and family planning counseling
  • Laboratory tests needed to evaluate many acute problems
  • First aid for injuries on campus
  • Telehealth appointments

For those services not covered by the mandatory student fee, a charge is assessed based on the cost to provide the service. Generally, the cost at Student Health Services is far lower than the charges assessed off campus. These augmented services include:

  • Medications
  • Physical examinations
  • Pap smears
  • STI testing
  • Immunizations
  • Extended University Students
  • Summer visits
  • A variety of special lab tests can be done through the Student Health Services laboratory at a reasonable charge. Such lab specimens are sent to private, off-campus laboratory facilities. The student is expected to pay in full at the time of specimen collection.

Students are required to pay at the time of services using either cash, check, credit card or Runner Bucks. Click here to access our fee schedule online. 


SHS does not provide emergency services of any kind. Additionally, it is not the intent of CSUB or SHS to provide comprehensive medical care for major problems or long-term care of chronic/established medical conditions. Care is not provided for treatment of major illnesses, injuries or accidents that require either hospitalization or long-term follow up. Medical services in this category become the responsibility of the student. No off-campus medical visits will be made by SHS personnel at any time.


There are no after-hours or on-call services available for CSUB SHS, nor does the staff provide in-patient hospitalization services. Students should seek after-hours and/or emergency care through their private physician or at a local hospital emergency room or urgent care center. All off-campus medical care is obtained at the student's expense.


We understand that medical records contain sensitive, privileged information about individuals and their medical history. As such, no one may read or receive a copy of any part of a patient's record without the written permission of the patient. (Exceptions include members of the SHS staff directly involved in the care of an individual patient, and as required by law.) No member of the University's management, faculty or staff is entitled to information from any student's medical record without the student's written consent.


Student Health Services (Bakersfield): (661) 654-2394
Student Health Services Fax (Bakersfield): (661) 654-3301
Student Health Services Pharmacy (Bakersfield): (661) 654-3304
Student Health Services (Antelope Valley): (661) 952-5064
Student Health Services Fax (Antelope Valley): (661) 952-5060
CSUB Campus Police: (661) 654-2111
Emergency: 911