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AUGMENTED SERVICES (as of January 2022)

Services Available for a Fee
Services Fees
Physical Exams:
    Complete exam for job/school/sports/etc. (UA if needed) $35.00
    Limited physical exam for education clearances, etc. $20.00
    EKG for employment or school, not for illness $25.00
    Pap Smear $30.00
Laboratory Tests (For: Job/School/Others):  
    Urine pregnancy test $10.00
    Serum pregnancy test $10.00
    HIV test (confidential) $9.40
    STI Testing (Chlamydia, GC, BV, RPR, etc.) Varies
    Others as ordered by physician Varies
Immunizations and Other Injections:
    Tdap $45.00
    Influenza vaccine (only available seasonally) $25.00
    Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) $90.00
    Hepatitis A vaccine (each dose, series of 2) $45.00
    Hepatitis B vaccine (each dose, series of 3) $50.00
    Meningococcal vaccine (each dose, series of 3) $145.00
    HPV vaccine (each dose, series of 3) $260.00
    Depo Provera (3 month contraceptive injection) $65.00
    Varicella vaccine $170.00
    Others as ordered by physician  Varies
Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (for Class/Job ONLY; NOT for illness):
    Two-Part Skin Test or Risk Assessment Form $20.00
    TB Quantiferon Test $50.00
Wart Removal (Cryotherapy) $10.00
Costs vary by prescription; see Pharmacist for exact costs Varies
Extended University Fee (paid in Accounting before the first visit each quarter) $162.90
Summer Services for Continuing Students $25.00

Updated August 2021: Fees subject to change depending on cost of medical supplies or medication.