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Hepatitis B Immunization Requirement

If you are 18 years of age or younger, you will need to show proof of immunization against Hepatitis B (Hep B). To fulfill this requirement, we'll need a record of either:

  • Three (3) doses, given as a series over a minimum of 6 months
  • Positive Titer

If you have received this immunization previously and have a record to verify, please submit it to If you have not received this immunization, you can do so with our office for a fee, with your primary care doctor or local pharmacy. 

Please note: Because the three-shot immunization series takes a total of 6 months to complete, students are encouraged to begin the series as soon as possible. Students are required to start the series before the Hep B hold on their account is lifted. The first shot can be administered at any time; the second shot is given one month after the first; the third and final shot is given six months after the first (at least 60 days after the second).

No restrictions will be placed on students who are proceeding through the series of shots. The entire series does not have to be completed before beginning your first semester. However, you will need to be progressing in the series in order to register for your second semester. The final shot must be completed no later than the beginning of your second year at CSUB.

Contact Complio at (800) 200-0853 or if you have any questions.