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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the updated immunization requirements:

Where can I get a copy of my records?
Most students gain access to their records from their parent/guardian, pediatrician, high school or county health department. If you aren’t able to gain access to your previous records, you’ll need to obtain new doses to comply with the current requirements.

Who do these requirements apply to? 
Beginning fall 2020, all "new" CSUB students will need to fulfill the updated immunization requirements. "New" students are those who submitted an application to begin a new program at CSUB and are attending classes under that new program. This refers to:

  • Students attending their first semester at CSUB (including transfer students);
  • Students who previously attended CSUB, took a break and had to submit another application to begin attending classes at CSUB again;
  • Students who graduated from CSUB and are beginning classes for a new program (whether they took a break between semesters or not).

I'm an older student who doesn't have access to their record. Do I still need to comply?
Yes! The new immunization requirements apply to all new students--regardless of age.

Do you accept any waivers? 
No. However, Students can submit a Medical Exemption Form signed by their primary care doctor if receiving any additional immunizations would be a hindrance to their health. 

Most/all of my classes are virtual because of COVID; why do I need to comply with these new requirements if I'm not going to campus? 
These immunization requirements were mandated by the CSU Chancellor in July of 2019 in hopes of keeping all CSU schools safe when students are on campus. We understand that it seems counterintuitive to comply with these requirements while attending classes virtually. However, we know that classes will not be virtual forever; these requirements will help us prepare to have a safe and healthy campus upon students’ return.

Can I receive immunizations at Student Health Services?
Yes! We offer most immunizations needed to enroll at CSUB at our office. Please refer to our fee schedule for a full list of immunizations offered. Please note: you will need to allow at least 30 minutes for the visit as it will include registration, injection and a post-injection wait of 20 minutes.

I completed my immunizations at Student Health Services. How do I get access to those records to upload them to Complio?
Check your Patient Portal under "Medical Records" or "Immunizations". You can also request a copy of those records by utilizing our Medical Release Form

Why is there a fee to upload my immunizations?
The Complio/American Databank fee goes towards a dedicated team providing an accurate review of student records in three business days or less. We understand that this may be an inconvenience; however, we ask you to think of it as a parking pass or book fees. This is a cost associated with college that is not covered under your student tuition/fees but is required to enhance your university experience and keep our campus safe in the event of an outbreak.