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Sexual Health Services

Student Health Service's Sexual Health Services (SHS) are available to enrolled CSUB students. 

Annual/Bi-annual Examinations include:

  • General Health Screening
    • Breast examination/lumps
    • Pelvic examination
    • Pap smear
  • Current Gynecological Concerns and Follow-Up's
    • Vaginal infection/yeast infection/bacterial vaginosis
    • Bladder/urinary problem
    • Menstrual problems
  • Sexuality or Family Planning (Birth Control) Consultation
    • Sexuality concerns/questions
    • Safer sex information
    • Contraceptive prescription, if desired, after appropriate consultation
      • Birth control pills (refills limited to 6 months supply at one time)
      • DepoProvera
      • Diaphragm
    • Questions relating to current/prior birth control methods or desire for change of method
    • Request for refill of birth control pills or DepoProvera injection
    • Pregnancy testing
      • Urine pregnancy tests at student's request
      • Serum pregnancy tests available, if clinically indicated
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) exam
    • STI testing, if indicated or desired
    • Genital wart treatment
  • Referrals
    • Referral to radiologist for special testing/mammogram/ultrasound, if appropriate
    • Referral for laboratory testing/anemia/hormone levels
    • Referral to off-campus gynecologist as needed
  • Pharmacy
    • Condoms
    • Yeast medications
    • Multi-vitamins
    • Prenatal vitamins with iron
    • Iron supplements
    • Various medications for treatment of gynecological problems


Appointments are available during the SHS regular appointment hours by calling (661) 654-2394. Continuing and summer session students can receive limited medical services at the SHS for a nominal fee (see eligibility for more information).


Schedule your visit for birth control pill refills BEFORE you run out of pills.

Gynecological examinations should NOT be performed when menstruating. Please schedule your appointment before or after the expected time of menses.

If you have symptoms of vaginitis or think you may have an STI, schedule an exam to be checked for infections before scheduling your annual pap smear. The results of a pap smear may be affected by an infection. Wait to schedule the pap smear until after the infection has been treated.

For 48 hours before the examination, DO NOT:

  • Douche
  • Have sexual intercourse
  • Use vaginal medications, creams, jellies, foams, etc.
  • Use suppositories or tampons