Human Subjects IRB Protocol

Use the "Human Subjects Protocol" if your planned activities meet the definition of human subjects research.  

Not sure?  Start here:  "Is My Project Human Subjects Research"


The Human Subjects Protocol form contains instructions and a link at the end that you can use to submit the completed form to the GRaSP Office.  If you are a student, you will be asked in the form to verify that your faculty research supervisor has approved the content of the form. 

We suggest that you use the MS-Word version of the protocol instructions as a working document, which can be used like any MS-Word document. 

When all the sections of the protocol are in final form, open the actual Human Subjects Protocol form and paste in all of the sections and then submit.

See the example protocols if needed:Human Subjects Protocol: Examples

For your information, reviewers use this Protocol Review Form when they review a Human Subjects Protocol.

Protocol Review Timelines

Please contact the IRB for information

Isabel Sumaya (Research Ethics Review Coordinator)

661-654-2381 or

Gwen Parnell (Research Compliance Analyst)

661-654-6712 or


If your project requires "Standard Review" it will be reviewed at one of the full convened meetings of the IRB -- see meeting dates.

Regardless of the timeline or level of review, only proceed with your research when you have received an official authorization letter from the IRB.

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Protocol Review Criteria

Exemption from Full Review


Expedited Review


Standard Review