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"Building Neighborhoods through Community Gardens: A Needs Assessment Study of the Jonah and Langston Neighborhood"

"Reimagining the Stay: A Historical Examination of the Stony Brook Retreat Sanatorium in Keene, California, 1918-1968"

"Parent Engagement Among Minority and Low-Income Parents"

"Teaching Young Children with Moderate to Severe Disabilities Through Teacher-made Video Mediated Instruction"

"The Politics of Cultural Trauma and Violence in Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao"

"From Teatro Campesino to now: Latino theater in Kern County"

"Investigation of TTX Binding Protein in Newts (T. granulosa)"

"Trade in Spanish California: An Archaeometric Analysis of Glass Beads"

"Burn Severity and its Impact on Soil Properties: 2016 Erskine Fire in the Southern Sierran Nevada"

"Developing and Implementing a School Wellness Plan at Buttonwillow School through Community Partnerships"

"Death in New Orleans"

"Dissolved Rare Earth Elements Along Oxygen Gradient"