Heidi Forsythe: Student, MPA

Undergraduate Program: Communications Term/Year graduated: Spring 2003 Institution: CSUB

Master’s Program: Teaching with an emphasis in Special Education Term/Year graduated: Spring 2012 @ PLNU

2nd Master’s Program: Masters of Public Administration (MPA)

Current position title, organization & years worked: NEWLY HIRED WITH BAKERSFIELD COLLEGE ADJUNCT PROFESSOR COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT and PRE-NEED ADVISOR FOR HILLCREST MEMORIAL CEMETARY both positions have been under three months. Prior to these jobs I subbed for the KERN HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT

1. How/why did you choose your respective program?

After having worked in the education field for over 12 years in multiple positions including community relations liaison, after school program coordinator and special ed. teacher I realized how much I enjoy helping families. I wanted to follow my passion to empower our community through policy reformation, bringing awareness and creating or sustaining programs that impact the lives of individuals. I took a leap of faith, after completing a previous masters program and decided that this was one way I was going to create my legacy, serving others.

2. Did you work first or go straight into the program after your undergraduate studies?

I have been going to school since I finished school. I graduated from AHS in 95’ and was admitted into CSUB. I took the advise of EOP staff and took a job on campus in the English/Communications department. After 1 ½ years I took a break from school and began an adventure that would draw back to school three years later. Prior to my undergraduate studies I worked in various positions: free lance graphic artist for El Popular newspaper, type-setter for Castle Printing, waitress at Los Huaraches restaurant, mentor in the STAR program at CSUB, teacher’s aide, activity leader and after school program coordinator and community relations at BCSD, 4/5 grade special ed. teacher with KCSOS and substitute teacher for KHSD.

3. What was your favorite course(s) and why?

My favorite courses as an undergraduate were psychology, geology and English. I enjoyed learning how our brains work and why we do what we do as well as learning about earth’s formations and inner beauty. I also have always enjoyed writing.

4. What are some of the benefits of having received a master’s degree?

I am reaping one of the benefits of having a master’s now; an adjunct position at Bakersfield College. Anthoer benefit is that professors actually have faith in what I am saying as if I have more validity. I must know something now, hee hee. More doors are opening for me within research and employment and I find that very exciting, doing what I love to do; ask questions, find answers and talk about my results only now people actually listen.

5. How did your program prepare you for your current position?

My program is preparing me now. I’ll know if my undergraduate program prepared me for current position by the end of the semester when I ask my students what they learned. Actually, I believe that my program prepared me for not only my current position but for many of the jobs I have had from being able to speak in public to dealing with challenging people on the job.

6. What are the benefits of attending CSUB for your master’s degree?

The benefits of attending CSUB for my master’s degree is that I’m close to home. With six teenagers at home it’s important to be close by . Another benefit is the collaboration in our small community helps me network with potential employers. There are also many opportunities to intern and demonstrate my work ethic as well as get a feel for people and places I would like to work with in the future.

Open Quote
I believe that my program prepared me for not only my current position, but for many of the jobs I have had. From being able to speak in public to dealing with challenging people on the job, I feel very competent. Close Quote
Heidi Forsythe
Graduate Student, MPA