Abel Guzman: Alum, Masters of Public Administration

Undergraduate Program: Political Science Term/Year graduated: Spring 2008 Institution: UC Santa Barbara

Master's Program: Masters of Public Administration Term/Year graduated: Spring 2011

Current position title, organization & years worked: Education Program Coordinator, Roll Global LLC (Paramount Education Programs), 1 year

How/why did you choose your respective program?

Originally my plan was to work at CSUB for the Educational Talent Search program for a year,and then apply to Law School. I wanted to go to law school because I wanted tobe an advocate for people with various needs. When I started working at CSUB I was offered the opportunity to enroll in a graduate program, and when I was looking for which program I might be interested in I ran across the Masters in Public Administration program. I had never heard of the program, but when I read the description I realized that Law School was never what I wanted to do, and that in fact, the Masters in Public Administration consisted of everything I wanted to do.

Did you work first or go straight into the program after your undergraduate studies?

I began working at CSU Bakersfield for the Educational Talent Search program right after my undergraduate studies. Working there allowed me to start my graduate program a few months after my start date.

What was your favorite course(s) and why?

"Grant Writing and Non-Profit Management." The professors in this course were interesting because they brought real world experience into the classroom. Their non-profit management experience helped me better understand the concepts.

What are some of the benefits of having received a master's degree?

Having the knowledge that I gained from my degree has made me more marketable. However,the biggest benefit is that I am able to do the work that I do at my job or in other initiatives that I am part of at a higher level.

How did your program prepare you for your current position?

My program helped me understand that it is important to always evaluate the work that your the organization you work for is doing. Evaluating and improving on services offered to the community is crucial to ensuring their success. In my current position I coordinate services that impact teachers, principals, students, and community members throughout most of the Central Valley; so it is important that I am constantly evaluating our services to ensure that they are doing what they are supposed to.

What are the benefits of attending CSUB for your master's degree?

Completing my program at CSUB allowed me to learn in a small class environment from professionals working in the field. The fact that professors who have or are currently doing work in the field in Kern County taught the classes, gave me the opportunity to see what it really takes to make an impact in our community.

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Completing my program at CSUB allowed me to learn in a small class environment from professionals working in the field. Close Quote
Abel Guzman
Alum, MPA