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The General Education program is governed by a General Education Curriculum Committee, GECCo, chaired by a Faculty Director. GECCo has the responsibility for administering the GE program and is inextricably connected to the Senate.

There are eight voting members of GECCo with staggered two-year terms: 2 elected representatives from each school and a non-voting GE Faculty director. The committee also includes a non-voting representative of the office of Academic Programs and a non-voting student representative.

GECCo has been charged by the Academic Senate with the following responsibilities:

  • Work in coordination with the designated administrator
  • GE program review and GE program assessment
  • Training and Support of the GE faculty
  • Faculty Interest Group (FIG) coordination
  • Skills Reinforcement Group (SRG) coordination
  • Review and revise program learning outcomes
  • Review and revise GE area, skill, theme and course requirement and student learning outcomes
  • Course appeal
  • General Education Modifications (substitutions and waivers)
  • Report to Academic Senate, including requests for any changes to GE structure
  • Verification and decertification of courses and instructors
  • Course review
  • Skill oversight
  • Theme oversight
  • Obtaining broad input from those involved in teaching in the GE program and from the campus community

On September 18, 2014 the Academic Senate resolved (141501) to charge GECCo with the coordination and supervision of assessment of the current CSUB General Education Program.


Andreas Gebauer, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Alexander Reid, Child Adolescent, and Family Studies (CAFS)

Annie Boehning, Nursing

Arno Argueta, Modern Languages & Literatures

Debra Jackson, Assoc. VP Academic Affairs, Academic Programs

Dirk Horn, Political Science

Eduardo Montoya, Mathematics

Jonathan Young, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Lori Paris, Management & Marketing (BPA)

R. Steve Daniels, Public Policy & Administration