General Education Learning Communities

A number of General Education Learning Communities have been created to focus on themes (FIGs) and the reinforcement of skills (SRGs). These groups are not expected to be decision-making bodies but serve to facilitate broad consultation, to nurture interdisciplinary understanding, and to provide faculty development opportunities. According to senate resolution 1314049 it is expected that faculty teaching within the new GE program to participate in a minimum of one group each semester they teach and to rotate between groups each semester.

Until we reach Fall 2016, the GE Learning Community facilitators will host a number of faculty development opportunities. Check under the Faculty Development page for specific details.

Meet the facilitators

Aaron Hegde, Economics
Sustainability & Justice

Becky Larson, Mathematics
Quantitative Reasoning

John Tarjan, Management & Marketing
Guide Post Sequence

Jeff Moffit, PEAK
Quality of Life

Senem Saner, Philosophy
Critical Thinking

Kelly O'Bannon, Communications
Oral Communication

Kim Flachmann, English
Written Communication

Rebecca Weller, Art
Revolutionary Ideas & Innovations

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