Theme S

Theme S: Sustainability and Justice

Goal 1: Students will understand how social, economic, and environmental factors contribute to local and global conditions and future challenges regarding sustainability and justice.

Outcome 1A: Students will identify at least two factors that influence sustainability and/or justice
Outcome 1B: Students will analyze the connectedness between at least two factors that influence sustainability and/or justice.

Course Requirements

For a course to be approved it must:

  1. Demonstrate ‘Sustainability and Justice’ as an organizing principle of the course, including at least two factors that influence sustainability and justice.
  2. Include assignments that contribute to at least 40% of the student’s grade that address understanding and analysis of factors that influence sustainability and justice.
  3. For lower-division Theme course, EITHER have an explicit course connection to a foundational skill OR reinforce a foundational skill.
  4. For an upper-division Theme course, reinforce at least two foundational skills. Area B Courses must reinforce quantitative reasoning skills and one other skill; Area C and D Courses must reinforce critical thinking and one other skill.
  5. Rubrics used to evaluate learning outcomes will be made available to students and incorporate the essential dimensions identified by GECCo.

Currently approved courses for Theme S - Spring 2017:

ANTH 2308 – Native Peoples of Northern America

PHIL 3338 – Business Ethics

ANTH 3318 – Peoples of Mexico

PHIL 3368 - Environment Ethics

BA 3108 – Business, Government & Society

PLSI 3648 - Food Policy & Politics

COMM 3058 – Intercultural Communication

PPA 3408 – Policy Networks

CRJU 3318 – Women and the CJ System

PHIL/PSYC 3528 - Personhood: Rights & Respon.

CRJU 3448 – Drugs & Crime

PSYC 3658 – Psych of Good & Evil

CRJU 4638 – Victims & CJ System

RS 1108 - Jesus, Buddha, Moral Life

CSUB 4939 – Capstone

RS 3528 – Holocaust & Impl.

ECON 3418 – Energy Economics and Policy

RS 4528 – Comparative Religious Ethics

ECON 3508 – Environmental Econ

 SCI 3129 - Environment Chem & Sust. 

ECON 4108 - International Econ Development

SCI 3329 - Water and the West

ENGL 2408 – Intro to World Literature

SCI 3409 - Stats of Inequality

ENGL 3268 - Writing Nature

SCI 3639 - Intro to Weather Dynamics

HIST 3258 - The American Environment

SOC 3408 – Gender & Society
PHIL 1319 – Contemporary Moral Issues





































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