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AIMS GE Course Submission Process for Certification of New Course

Faculty Member and/or Department Chair originates proposal. Proposal then moves through the certification process as follows:

1. Approval must be obtained by your School’s Curriculum Committee before you submit your course to GECCO. Please use the Request for Approval New Course/Course Change Form.

2. Fill out the Individual Course Submission Template.

3. Submit the Request for Approval New Course/Course Change Form, the Individual Course Submission Template and the Syllabus (not a Master Course Outline) to the Director of General Education.

4. The Director of General Education facilitates the certification process. It is the responsibility of the Faculty Director to ensure that all course certification packets forwarded by the respective school Curriculum Committees are complete. A course shall be reviewed by GECCo within 60 business days.

     a. GECCo may recommend one of the following actions:

         1. Certified: GECCo may certify the course.

         2. Revise and Resubmit: GECCo may return the certification packet to the submitting faculty member for revision. In this case, explanation will be provided to the faculty member and respective curriculum committee. The submitting faculty member may revise and resubmit the proposal to the Faculty Director, indicating that it is a resubmission. Upon review by the Faculty Director, the proposal will be returned to GECCo for certification.

         3. Reconceptualization: Course needs significant revisions. GE Director or your GECCO representatives will be happy to assist you in the reconceptualization process.

5. Completed documentation will be sent to Academic Operations.


Deadline for Submission to the GE Curriculum Committee is October 1st, in order to be included in the following years catalog.


Thank you for your submissions!


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