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School Elevation Exploratory Committee

School Elevation Exploratory Committee (SEEC) established to review the current structure of academic schools and departments to determine if the academic schools should be elevated to colleges.

SEEC Members

Deborah J. Boschini (Co-Chair)
AVP - Faculty Affairs

Steven Frye (Co-Chair)
A&H - Department Chair (English)  

Lea Antone
Antelope Valley – Academic Advisor

Luis Cabrales
NSME - Department Chair (Physics & Engineering)

Chandra Commuri
BPA - Department Chair (Public Policy & Administration) 

Elaine Correa
Senate - Executive Committee (Human Development and Child, Adolescent and Family Studies)

Jane Dong
Dean - Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering

Maria Espinoza
ASI - Executive Vice President

Bre Evans-Santiago
SSE - Department Chair (Teacher Education) 

David Gove
NSME - Department Chair (Mathematics)

Amanda Grombly
Library - Associate Librarian 

Aaron Hegde
BPA - Department Chair (Economics)

Todd McBride
NSME - Director of Health Programs

Mandy Rees
Senate - Executive Committee (Music & Theatre)

James L. Rodriguez
Dean - Social Sciences and Education 

Brian Street
SSE - Department Chair (Kinesiology)

Jesse Sugarmann
A&H - Department Chair (Art & Art History) 


December 8, 2021      (agenda)   (minutes)

September 16, 2022   (agenda)   (minutes)

September 21, 2022   (agenda)   (minutes)

October 12, 2022        (agenda)   (minutes)

October 21, 2022        (agenda)   (minutes)