Location: Alumni Park

Max capacity: 750

Layout: outdoor space used for receptions, barbeques, luncheons, and other types of festivals

Contact: Paige Boyer (661)654-3211,


Location: Amphitheater

Max capacity: 5000

Layout: outdoor space on the north end of campus used for CSUB commencement, music festivals, and outdoor festivals throughout the year

Contact: Ellie Fergon (661)654-3977,


Location: Don Hart East Lawn

Max capacity: 1500

Layout: rectangular outdoor grass area

Contact: Ellie Fergon (661)654-3977,


Location: Runner Park

Max capacity: 200

Layout: outdoor grass area in front of and on the side of the Student Union

Contact:  Maureen Fillmore (661)654-3346,

SciIII Lawn

Location: Sci III Lawn Area

Max capacity: 1000

Layout: large grass area

Contact: Ellie Fergon (661)654-3977,