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Dezember Leadership Development Center (DLDC)

Contact: Merry Coder, Events Specialist

Phone: (661) 654-3983


DLDC: 402
Dezember Leadership Development Center 402

Max Occupancy- 50

Layout- Tiered, tables and chairs

Features- White board, Smart classroom with PC, DVD, Projector, Internet, Podium, Automatic screen and telephone

DLDC: Aera Room
area room

Max Occupancy- 54

Layout- Custom

Features- White board, Automatic screen, Internet available

DLDC: Castle & Cooke Lounge
DLDC: Castle & Cooke Lounge

Max Occupancy- 25

Layout- Lounge and Conference table

DLDC: Varner Room
Varner room

Max Occupancy- 40

Layout- Custom

Features- White board, Projector, Internet available, Manual screen

Icardo Center

Contact: Eddie Brewer

Phone: (661)654-3072


Icardo Room
icardo room

Max Occupancy- 50

Layout- Custom

Features- Smart room, Kitchen, Patio


Student Recreation Center (SRC)

Contact: Trae Mathews

Phone: (661) 654-2721


SRC: Solario de Fortaleza

Max Occupancy- 100

Layout- Custom

Features- Patio, divided room

Student Union