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How do I book an event at CSUB?

On-Campus Entities

For on-campus entities, please refer to our Online Scheduling system, 25Live. Follow the steps listed and request your event at least 2 weeks in advance. Contact the campus scheduler for the specific space requested with any more questions.

Off-Campus Organizations/Individuals

Off-campus groups organizations/individuals interested in reserving a space at CSU Bakersfield must complete the onlineEvent Request Application for External Community at least six weeks before the event. For a list of CSUB Venues please CLICK VENUES HERE.

What event spaces are available to me?

There are many spaces available to on-campus staff, faculty and students as well as any off-campus individual or group. We welcome anybody to make use of the variety of facilities available and enjoy the hospitality of the CSUB events staff.

Please review our Venue spaces and call or email the listed event coordinator with any questions regarding availability and facility use. Once you have chosen a space and confirmed a date and time, complete the Event Request Application for External Community. The event coordinator will contact you within 48 hours. . 

We are happy to meet you on campus to show you different spaces available to you before confirming your reservation.

Please contact the event coordinator to find out about rental charges and other campus charges associated with that specific facility.

Can I have live entertainment at my event?

We strongly encourage supporting local musicians. If you do not have a particular group or musician in mind, feel free to contact James Scully, CSUB Music Professor at

For outdoor events, sound is monitored closely to follow the city noise ordinance. Our University Police Department will work with the event coordinator on sound monitoring.

What is required for off-campus guests?

CSU Bakersfield follows California State regulation policies for every event. This includes required certificate of liability insurance, health permits and/or a community event permit, and/or ABC permit.

Your event coordinator will inform you of the items required by you or your organization for your event type.

How is parking handled for my event?

Anytime off-campus guests for any event will be parking on CSUB campus, University Police must be notified. Your event coordinator will help with this process. UPD needs to know the amount of guests, the amount of expected cars and the length of time they will be staying on campus. They will determine the amount of spaces needed, the personnel required and any signage necessary for the event.

All cars on campus must show a valid permit, wether it is a student/faculty permit or a temporary day pass. For small events or for visiting campus, daily permits can be purchased at one of our campus parking kiosks. For larger events, the event coordinator will work with UPD to exempt specific lots for your guests to park in. These charges will be billed to the event requestor. However, there are discounted rates for groups with reserved facilities on campus.

If I have a venue in mind, how do I book the space?

All off-campus requests must be done through the Office of Events ( email) or by completing the Event Request Application for External Community.  Include your desired location, date/time and any additional information about your event including the name. For email, make sure you include the best way to contact you.

If you are CSUB student, faculty or staff, you will need to input your event into 25Live and wait for a confirmation from the event coordinator. Please have all the necessary information available before requesting your event.

How much will my event cost?

The pricing of each event varies depending on the venue, date, time frame and specific details of your event. Your event coordinator will complete a contract with the costs included for your event for you to review.

How early or late can I begin planning my event?

On-campus community:

  • Please input your request to 25Live two-weeks prior to your event date. A four-week time frame is recommended if your event is over 100 people to provide ample time for approvals.

Off-campus community:

  • For recurring events under 100 people, we recommend four-weeks before your event date.
  • For new events under 100 people, we recommend six-weeks before your event date.
  • For recurring events over 100 people, we recommend 60-days before your event date.
  • For new events over 100 people, we recommend 90-days before your event date to contact CSUB Office of Events to review your event and provide an estimate of expenses.

Where do I find a CSUB campus map?

Find the campus map here along with useful campus phone numbers for your visit.

Note: You will need a daily parking permit each visit to CSUB campus.

Will I need to obtain certificate of liability insurance?

Yes, off-campus organizations and vendors must submit certificate of liability insurance no later than ten days prior to the event date. Your event coordinator will work with the event requestor.

What if my certificate of liability insurance doesn't meet CSUB's minimum requirements?

Since each event is unique, your event coordinator will work with you to see if your event meets the guidelines for special event insurance.

What other documents are required to have my event at CSUB?

Your event coordinator will provide a list of items that he/she will need from you to have your event at CSUB. Some common documents are certificate of liability insurance, community health permit, vendor list, ABC permit and/or set-up diagram.

Each event is unique and has specific requirements.

Can I have alcohol at my event?

A CSUB Event Alcohol Use application must be submitted six-weeks prior to your event date to request alcohol at your event. This provides time for the application to be routed to the Office of the President for review and approval/denial. CSUB University Police Department will complete a letter to the Alcohol Bureau Control (ABC) to obtain the permit. Your event coordinator will notify you once the ABC letter is ready to be picked up. ** NO student-sponsored event can request alcohol.

How do I know if I need a community event permit?

For all events where tickets are sold and/or invites the community to attend, the Kern County Environmental Health Agency must be notified by completing their Community Health Permit application, Click Here to complete that application.

Do you have a list of catering or event service providers?

The event resources vendor page provides various types of caterers, event rental companies, and other event services. The Office of Events has current insurance and health permits (food vendors) on file for these vendors. If you wish to use a different vendor, your event coordinator will work with your vendor for required insurance and health permit.

Click Here to visit the Approved Vendors and Caterers page.

Contact Us

For more information regarding reservations, pricing, permits, alcohol and beverage use, or waivers please contact the Office of Events.

Elizabeth 'Ellie' Fergon
Director of Events

Phone:    (661) 654 - 3977

Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday  - Friday by Appointment

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