Are you looking for a fun AND educational program for your child? Extended University offers programs throughout the year with accredited teachers and faculty! Your Child will have fun while learning!!

CSUB's Extended University offers programs for school age children during the summer with our Reading and Math Camps.  Offered during a four week period (usually from mid-Mid June to early July) the camps provide an opportunity for your child to retain what was learned during the school year and prepares them for the year ahead.  The camps are helpful to children with weak or strong skills in reading or math. 

Through the Children’s Art Institute (CAI), we offer art programs throughout the year for first through sixth graders.  During the Fall, we offer "Crafts around the World" that meets on four Saturdays.  Each Saturday students will learn about a different culture and create an art project based on that culture.

During Art Day, which is a free event offered in the spring and sponsored by a grant from Target, children will learn various art techniques such as painting, sculpture, and 3D Art.

In the summer, the CAI offers a four week summer camp offered during the same time as our reading and math camps so that children have the option of attending a half day or an all day camp.  A different technique is taught each week and various artists and types of methods are studied and taught.

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