An Early Start is a Head Start

For over 30 years, EOP at CSU Bakersfield has brought a majority of its incoming students onto campus during the summer after graduation and before Fall quarter.  This program, titled Summer Bridge, focuses on the transition from high school to college and allows our students to improve their placement in developmental Math and English.

Participants in Summer Bridge have applied to and been accepted by the EOP program.  Some participants can attend voluntarily for a head start on the fall, while others are attending as a condition of their admission to CSUB--but all participants gain a valuable understanding of the expectations of college study, a cohort of new friends to take classes with in the Fall, and a mentor who will share his or her college experiences and provide a roadmap for the first year. 

Students interested in becoming a part of this great CSUB tradition should apply to the EOP program and contact Jesus "J. R." Perez at 661-654-3216.