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Professional Job Shadowing...

The Beyond Your Major program at CSU Bakersfield is designed to connect students with professionals working in the students' field of study.  It is a partnership between Enrollment Management and the Center for Career Education and Community Engagement (CECE).  The goal of the program is to show CSUB students a "slice of life": a sense of what a professional's day is like. 

Participation in the Beyond Your Major program is a three-step process.  The first step is to visit Monica Diaz, the Coordinator for Beyond Your Major, located in Administration East 100.  She can also be reached at 661-654-3215 or via email at

Monica will determine the best placement for you and give you Step two, which is to complete the Beyond Your Major Checklist, which can also be found here.  The checklist requires you to draft a resume, have that checked out at CECE, and to attend a mock interview with the Career Counselor assigned to work with Beyond Your Major, Katrina Gilmore.  You will also draft five questions to ask your host. You can generate your own or start with these sample questions.  To complete step two, you'll bring your completed checklist and questions back to Monica for final review.

Step three is placement!  Monica will work with your schedule and the host's schedule to find the best time for you to meet and observe.  Please keep in mind that the host is giving his or her time free of charge, and that is probably valuable time.  We ask that you be prompt and respectful of our host's time.  After the host meeting and the job shadowing is complete, please return back to Monica--with a completed Reflection Assignment--to give us feedback about the experience and to fill out a thank you note for your host. 

Most students learn something that they never knew before about their future career.  Some have even been offered internships or a chance at future employment.  If you put your best foot forward, come dressed for success, and ask lucid, intelligent questions of your host, you will both have a great experience!

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"My job shadowing with a speech pathologist really gave me insight into that career and jobs in the field..." Close Quote
Vivian Flores
Beyond Your Major Participant