A Message from the Writing Program Coordinator

We have an incredibly active Composition Program at CSUB with many different levels of activity. First of all, our lower-division offerings (English 80, 100, and 110) prepare students for college writing across the curriculum. Students are placed into appropriate writing classes according to their results on the statewide English Placement Test.

On the upper-division level, many of our composition courses fulfill the CSU writing proficiency requirement, each with a different focus. They include English/Communications 304 (Technical and Report Writing), English 305 (Modes of Writing), English 310 (Advanced Writing), and English 311.

(Writing Literary Analysis). Several courses from other departments also satisfy this proficiency requirement: History 300 (Historical Writing), Communications 306 (News Writing and Reporting), Communications 311 (Feature Writing), and Administration 510 (Advanced Technical Communication). English 410 (Writing for Teachers) is required for all credential candidates.

Our Graduate Certificate in Writing consists of four courses that can also be taken for MA credit: English 504 (Approaches to the Analysis of Writing), English 505 (Rhetorical Theory), English 506 (Problems in the Instruction of Composition Skills), and one course from Field 11.

We are also very proud of our Tutoring Program in English, which trains and supervises English tutors at CSUB and in the middle schools and high schools throughout our service area. Our Tutoring Program is part of several grants we have with more than 15 schools in our region.

We believe that students who take our writing classes will benefit tremendously from our first-rate faculty who care about student success, our small class size (no writing class is over 24), our supportive environment, our clear course goals, our work with faculty in other courses across the curriculum, and our ongoing conversations with middle schools, high schools, and colleges in our region. We are very proud of our writing program and believe that you will agree with us when you take one or more of our courses.

Come by to talk about your experiences in our classes or to discuss specific options that suit your professional needs. We are always happy to hear from you.

Dr. Kim Flachmann
Writing Program Coordinator

Comp faculty

Full Time Composition Faculty

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     Faculty Towers 102B
     Phone: (661) 654-3083
     Fax: (661) 654-2063
     Email: kflachmann@csub.edu

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