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Orpheus Submission Guidelines

Founded by Dr. Solomon O. Iyasere in 1973, Orpheus is a literary journal published annually to encourage creative writing and artistic thinking amongst the students of California State University, Bakersfield. The editing team is faculty advised, but composed of a student body, which oversee every step of production.


Orpheus Submission Guidelines

All submissions will be sent to the email

All submissions should be the best version of your work, with minimal spelling and grammar errors. We accept submissions of all kinds, as there are no restrictions in context or form. Submissions must be typed on a word document. Use of profanity must be crucial to the context of the work.

Submit from your student account. Include your name as it appears on your school records and email when you submit your work.

The faculty advisor will remove your name before distributing your contribution to the student editorial board so the evaluation of your work will be blind.

If your work is accepted you may choose to publish under any name that you choose.

If you have any further questions, please contact
us via email.

Submit a poem or poems of up to 80 lines total.

Short Stories:
Submit up to 20 pages total in short stories. Short stories must be doubled spaced.


Chapter from Larger Literary Piece:

Submit up to 25 pages total in chapters; writing must be double-spaced.

Submit up to 25 pages total in plays in standard script format.


Illustrated Comic Strip/Excerpt from Graphic Novel/Graphic Short Story:

Submit up to 10 black and white pages total in PDF format.

Submit up to 5 works of art. All submissions must be scanned or photographed properly. PDF format best.


Students who have an interest in editing and publication may join the Orpheus team by sending us an email or by enrolling directly into the course: ENGLISH 4740.



“Testimony by team editor”

(Placed in margin)


Kerstin Stokes

English Major, Studio Art Minor

“This is my first year working on the CSUB literary journal Orpheus. As someone who plans on getting into the editing and publishing industry, working on this literary journal has immersed me into that world. We had the opportunity to accept, reject, and ask authors to revise their submitted pieces. We also learned how to format the journal into the appropriate structure for print. My experience working on the journal has been amazing, and I cannot say how much fun it has been to come together with my fellow editors to create this amazing journal.”

Movie about Orpheus

Orpheus Redux


How I long for what never was!
April's tender greening
Burned by canicular heat
To the ashes of rake heaped fallen splendor
Leaving December branches
To reach for the solace
Of spring that never comes.

--- Orpheus
volume 1, issue 1, 1975