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CIPA Water Conference

Tackling the Drought

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Bill Bartling, Inland District Deputy, Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources

Dirk Baron, CSU Bakersfield, Department of Geological Sciences

Subir Bhattacharjee, Co-Founder and CTO of Water Planet, Inc.

Blake Sanden, UC Cooperative Extension Irrigation & Agronomy Farm Advisor, Kern County

Daniel R. Tormey, PhD, PG President

Gabriele Ludwig, Directort, Sustainability & Environmental. Affairs, Almond Board of CA

Christine Halley, Parsons 

Derek Stephens, Business Development Manager- USA, ABR Resources

Talbott Howard, ECT Services & Solutions Inc.

Dirk Baron, CSUB Professor, speaking at the CIPA Water Conference

Dirk Baron, CSUB Professor speaking

Jan Gillespie, CSUB Professor, speaking at the CIPA Water Conference

Jan Gillespie, CSUB professor, speaking at the CIPA Water Conference

Gabrielle Ludwig, Sustainability & Env. Affairs, Almond Board of California

Gabrielle Ludwig, Almond Board of CA

CIPA Water Conference attendees

CIPA Water Conference attendees

State Holders Meeting 2013

CERC Agenda

CERC Minutes