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Enrollment Instructions

Step 1:

Enrollment Instructions step 1

After logging into your myCSUB account, click on the Early Start Program link under Academics.

Step 2:

Enrollment Instructions step 2

Under the dropdown for Written Communication and Mathematics, select the school where you will be attending Early Start. Once you have selected your school, click "Confirm Early Start Selection(s)." Then, click "Enroll in Early Start Program."

Note: students who are in both Early Start English and Mathematics are only required to do Mathematics, but may choose to do both.

Step 3:

Enrollment Instructions step 3

Click the Summer 2019 radio button and then click "Continue."

Step 4:

Enrollment Instructions step 4

Click "Search."

Step 5:

Enrollment Instructions step 5

On the Subject dropdown, select Mathematics or English based on the Early Start course you need. Then, click Search.

Step 6:

Enrollment Instructions step 6

Be mindful of the class times and meeting dates with the available classes. Choose the MATH 1000 and/or ENGL 1000 course that best fits your schedule and click Select.

Step 7:

Enrollment Instructions step 7

Double check that the course you selected is the one that you want, and click Next.

Step 8:

Enrollment Instructions step 8

Click Proceed to Step 2 of 3.

Step 9:

Enrollment Instructions step 9

If everything looks correct, click Finish Enrolling to register for the class. You're all done!

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