President's Monthly Campus Update

In my memo to the campus community dated January 5, 2006, I described new avenues of Presidential communications. This is the first issue of the President's Monthly Campus Update. The Update is intended to provide information that might not have been distributed through other means, rather than being a summary of information. Upcoming Events and News and Announcements on the CSUB homepage are additional sources of information available on a regular basis. In addition, ,Cal State Today, CSUB's journal, is published in January, March, and September.

Campus Reaccreditation - Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Institutions of higher education are reaccredited by regional accreditation bodies every ten years. In preparing for our WASC reaccreditation and our institutional self-study more than 100 faculty and staff gathered on January 20th to explore the topic: "Defining Excellence and Promoting a Culture of Evidence at CSUB." The session was facilitated by Dr. Mary Allen, CSUB Professor Emerita, who is well-known for her forerunner work on assessment of educational effectiveness. An outcome of the half-day session was the generation of multiple themes or topics that may form the basis for our institutional self-study which is due in July 2007. These themes will be distributed across the campus to further engage the faculty, staff, and students in identifying institutional priorities and needs. Preparation for our WASC reaccreditation parallels and intersects with the broader campus-wide focus on institutional planning towards realization of our vision. Your ideas and involvement are critical to CSUB's drive for a successful reaccreditation. Greater details about the process and ways in which you can be involved will be shared over the next several months.

Math and Computer Science Building
The site for this new building is parking Lot E. The design has been completed and construction drawings have been submitted to various agencies for final approval. The estimated date for start of construction is mid-April 2006. The building is scheduled for completion in fall 2008. It is being funded by state general obligation bonds for CSU capital projects.

Replacement Parking for Lot E
Construction is currently underway for a new parking lot south of the Health Center to replace the 400 spaces to be lost in Lot E. The new lot will add 200 additional spaces. It is projected to be completed in late March or early April 2006. It is being funded by parking reserves from parking revenue funds.

Student Recreation Center
This project is currently in the schematic design phase. It will be located south of the Student Union in the general area where the outdoor basketball courts are currently located. ASI will have a formal dedication of the site in the near future. The project is scheduled to be completed by fall 2008. It is being funded through campus-based student fees approved in a student fee referendum last May.

New Student Housing
Currently we are conducting a feasibility study for this project which will be constructed in the northeast section of the campus. Our goal is to have the initial phase (about 400 beds) completed in fall 2008. The project will be funded through the sale of revenue bonds, which will be repaid by rental income.

Athletics / NCAA Division I Campaign
In order to move our athletics program from Division II to Division I, we are conducting a $6 million fund raising campaign and preparing to seek admission into the Big West Conference. To date, we have raised $2 million. The Big West Conference has not yet determined a date when it will invite a new member. Our intention is to be first in line when the conference is ready, and to be in a position to demonstrate why CSUB should be the institution of choice to receive an invitation to become a conference member. As part of the process of reclassification, we will play a Division II schedule in 2006-07 and Division I schedule beginning in 2007-08.

President's Campus Forums
These forums are open to all members of the campus community and provide opportunities for dialogue with me, and other campus managers, on selected topics. The schedule of forum topics through June 2006 is listed below. Each forum will be held in the Albertson Room from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

February 24 - "Staff Training and Development"
March 13 - "The CSUB Strategic Plan: 2004-05 to 2014-15"
April 11 - "Academic Planning"
May 24 - "Enhancing Student Development and Student Life"
June 5 - "The State Budget and Campus Resource Allocations"

University Council
University Council is another vehicle for dialogue about issues impacting the campus community. I serve as chair, and its members are representative of faculty, staff, students, and administration. Any member of the campus community may bring an issue before the Council, and everyone is welcome to attend meetings, which are held on the third Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m. in the Albertson Room.

Easy Access to Information
For easy access to the information you need most often, go to Edit My Quick Links on the CSUB homepage.

Thank you for your commitment and contributions to CSUB. If there are particular issues you would want to have included in the next Update, please let me know by e-mail - I look forward to seeing you around campus. Take care.