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What is CSUB Alert?

CSUB Alert consists of two mass communication systems to be used during an emergency. The first system allows the university to simultaneously send voice, text and e-mail alerts. The university has contracted with Blackboard Connect and their mass notification system can push out thousands of messages within minutes to help ensure the safety of everyone at CSUB during an emergency.

The second system, an external public address system contracted with Visiplex, will allow the university to broadcast specific guidance information campus-wide in the case of an emergency. Implementation of this system will begin during the 2008-09 school year.

CSUB Alert will only be used for emergency communication purposes or periodic testing of the system, and will never be used for routine communications.

These mass communication systems are part of an overall university emergency response plan. In the event of an actual emergency, the university will provide important information to the campus community through the CSUB website, university e-mail and phone system, campus emergency hotline, departmental phone trees, and building marshals.

Why does CSUB need an emergency notification system?

In the wake of tragic campus shooting incidents at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University, universities are forced to prepare for emergency situations that years ago would never have been anticipated. CSUB recognizes the important role that immediate communication plays in safety during a crisis. CSUB Alert provides the university with the tools for immediate communications should a crisis situation arise.

What constitutes an emergency?

Very serious incidents and dangerous situations that would jeopardize the health and safety of the campus community would be considered emergencies. An emergency situation can strike at any time and will generally happen without warning. Emergencies are determined by the university police and the university president and vice presidents according to best practices established by state and federal emergency services.

CSUB Alert will only be used for emergency communication purposes or periodic testing of the system. You will not be contacted by CSUB Alert unless a serious crisis warrants your immediate attention.

How can I help with implementing CSUB Alert?

The system is only as effective as the information provided. To make sure you are notified in the event of an emergency, you need to make sure the university has your correct contact information. By providing all of your contact information, including a cell phone number, the university will have more ways to reach you in the event of an emergency. Multiple contacts help to ensure that you receive emergency information as quickly as possible, wherever you may be.

How can I add or update my contact information

Faculty, staff, and students should update contact information through their MyCSUB account and provide current emergency notification information.

Contact information is updated to the emergency notification system daily. Please do your part in making sure your contact information is current.

Who should I contact if I'm having problems updating my records in MyCSUB account?

Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 661-654-2307.

What are the consequences of not providing my cell phone number or other contact information?

An emergency situation can develop at any time and notification messages will generally be urgent and time sensitive. The university wants to provide you with information as quickly as possible. The more options we have to reach you, such as calling your cell phone or sending a text message, the better our ability to communicate important information

How will I be alerted if I don't have a cell phone?

CSUB Alert will send messages to other phone numbers and e-mail addresses you have provided. Additionally, the external public address system will broadcast specific guidance information campus-wide in the case of an emergency.

Emergency information and updates will also be posted on the CSUB website and emergency hotline at 661-654-6666.

MyCSUB has forms for "emergency contact" and "emergency notification" information. Are these the same?

NO! There is a very important distinction and both areas should be complete.

You will have an "emergency contact" tab when logged into your MyCSUB account. This is the emergency contact information the university would use should something happen to you (i.e. phone numbers for relatives, spouse, etc.)

Emergency notification, on the other hand, is the contact information the university would use to contact you through CSUB Alert should there be a campus emergency (i.e. your cell phone, e-mail, etc.).

Will my contact information be kept private?

Yes. CSUB Alert will only be used for emergency communication purposes and periodic testing of the system. Your contact information will not be used for casual notices, advertising, marketing, and will not be shared with others. Blackboard Connect, the mass notification provider working with the university, has signed a contract prohibiting them from selling or sharing any data provided by the university.

Will I received unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on my cell phone or e-mail account?

No. CSUB Alert will only used in case of an emergency or during periodic testing of the system. Your emergency contact information will be safeguarded and not shared with anyone.

When CSUB Alert is used or tested, who will the message come from?

  • Text messages will be sent with the name: CSUB Alert
  • Phone calls will use the caller ID: 661-654-6666
  • E-mails will show the sender as:

Why does the university have to test CSUB Alert?

The university will test CSUB Alert to ensure the mass notification systems are securely in place as well as to familiarize the campus community with this important emergency communication vehicle.

Who is authorized to send CSUB Alert messages?

A very limited number of trained representatives, will have authorization to distribute messages.

What else should I know about emergency preparedness?

As always, we strive to keep CSUB a safe place. However, emergencies and disasters can always occur. Every individual should be prepared both on campus and at home. Visit for information on individual emergency preparedness.