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The study of Communications is the essential foundation of all other disciplines, because messages are the foundation of the expression of meaning. Communication is at the heart of what it means to be human.

The primary purpose of the Communications Program is to prepare students to be sophisticated in their knowledge of organization in and use of the media, as they prepare for careers as communications professionals. The curriculum stresses knowledge of communications processes, an expected proficiency in writing and practice, and awareness of professional responsibilities, knowledge of ethical practices, and acquaintance with the laws that govern the use of the mass media. Further, the curriculum addresses the relationships between media and the societies they seek to serve viewed from regional, national, and international perspectives.

At CSUB, students in Communications have numerous opportunities for hands-on learning. Journalism students produce both print and online versions of The Runner newspaper, including podcasts and blog entries. Digital Media students create their own video, audio, and interactive media productions. Public Relations students learn how to formulate, develop, and apply communication strategies that present an organization in the best light.

The Department of Communications at California State University, Bakersfield offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communications with three different emphases: Journalism, Public Relations, and Digital Media.

The department also offers a minor in Communications, as well as Certificates in Journalism, Public Relations, Digital Media, and Communication Studies.

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