Digital Media

Designed for students interested in digital media: digital imaging and graphic design, video and audio production, digital animation and interactivity. This concentration is ideally suited for the student desiring to specialize in video production, animation, graphic design and interactive design for the web.

The program presents a combination of theoretical knowledge with practice and analytical skills, all oriented to the recognition and solution of communication problems as they occur in their various forms and within diverse contexts and media.

Students completing a major in Communications have the opportunity to apply what has been learned in related activity, production courses, and internships.

In addition to the Communications Requirements, Digital Media Majors must complete the following courses:

  • COMM 2310 Media Arts
  • COMM 3320 Digital Video Production
  • COMM 3330 Interactive Design
  • COMM 3360 Documentary Production
  • COMM 3370 Media Writing OR COMM 3380 Visual Communication Design

Contact Information

Digital Media Recommended Advisor

Mary Slaughter, M.F.A

Phone: (661) 654-6346


Office: BDC 227A