Course Descriptions

Lower Division Core Courses

COMM 2020 Introduction to Communication Studies (3)

Survey of the role of communication in daily life; concepts and contexts therein. Emphasis on the acquisition of media literacy skills and critique, as may be applicable, for upper division work in the discipline. Prerequisite: COMM 1008.

Upper Division Required Courses

COMM 3000 Theories of Communication (3)

How theories are constructed. Survey of theoretical approaches to communication drawing on the social sciences and humanities. Prerequisite: COMM 2020 or the equivalent for majors.

COMM 3010 Mass Media Law (3)

Designed to broaden the student’s understanding of laws that pertain to the mass media. Philosophical appreciation of the legal framework within which the mass media operates and pragmatic familiarity with the legal problems most often encountered by journalists and related professionals is anticipated. The course will examine the development of the law regarding the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and such related legal areas such as libel, obscenity, censorship, privacy, free press and fair trial, journalist’s privilege, the right of access to government information, access to the press, the doctrine of commercial speech (advertising), and copyright.

COMM 4908 Senior Seminar (3)

An advanced course in analysis and application of communication research methods. Specific topics will vary. Individual student research projects and reports. When possible, students contribute to ongoing faculty research. Students will submit a portfolio demonstrating skills and knowledge gained in the Communications major. Prerequisite: COMM 3000.

Upper Division Writing Course

COMM 3008 Technical and Report Writing (3)

Extensive practice in writing clearly and persuasively in technical and specialized forms such as reports of experiments, abstracts, business reports and proposals, letters, memoranda. Prerequisite: ENGL 1109 or the equivalent with a grade of “C” or better and upper division standing.  GWAR

Digital Media Courses

COMM 2310 Media Arts (3)

An examination of the major elements of film, video, and digital media, and the fundamentals of how these forms are used to communicate messages. Time is shared between lecture/lab.

COMM 3320 Digital Video Production I (3)

Introduces the fundamental technical abilities and conceptual approaches to communication via moving images and sound. Emphasis on cinematic language and basic interpersonal skills of production. Lecture/lab. Prerequisite: COMM 2310 or permission of instructor.

COMM 3330 Interactive Design I (3)

Fundamentals of interactive production, with an emphasis on the expressive power of online animations and the aesthetics of human-computer interaction. Lecture/lab.

COMM 3360 Documentary Production (3)

Exploration of the various functions of documentaries in society, from propaganda to art. Emphasis on student projects, and te styles and strategies that are available to the documentary form. Prerequisite for COMM 3320.

COMM 3380 Visual Communication Design (3)

Analysis and implementation of the ways in which communication elements work together to enhance effective communicaion in print and on the Web. Instruction in photo and illustration editing, magazine design and basic Web design using a content managment system.


COMM 3370 Media Writing (3)

Introduction to writing for various forms of visual media, including ads and PSAs, nonfiction and fiction films, interaction and mobile media. Critical analysis of these forms. Development of projects from concept to completed works.

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