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Chemistry is the central science that encompasses the study of matter in all its forms. This branch of science describes the fundamental structures, composition, and characteristics of atoms and molecules, which leads to an understanding of chemical reactivity. This chemical insight provides a broad foundation for all physical and biological sciences, opening up a variety of academic and professional pursuits.

Studying chemistry requires a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates other areas of study such as biology, computer science, mathematics and physics. The diverse interests of chemists are reflected in the sub-disciplines of the field, such as analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

California State University, Bakersfield offers four tracks leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry and two tracks leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biochemistry. Students at CSUB enjoy small class sizes, individual attention from their professors, high-tech laboratory equipment, and the opportunity to conduct hands-on research as undergraduates.

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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

California State University, Bakersfield
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA  93311-1022 

Phone: (661) 654-2030
Fax: (661) 654-2040
Website: http://www.csub.edu/chemistry/
Email: chemistry@csub.edu
Office: Science II 273

Need Advising?

If you do not have a faculty advisor and have advising related questions/concerns, email Glenda Guizar Majano (gguizar@csub.edu) to have a faculty advisor assigned to you.