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Summer Work Experience


Many Summer Workforce agencies are only realizing marginal success at preparing youth for jobs, and improved academic performance. Part of the problem lies in the fact that youth see summer jobs as nothing more than a way to earn extra spending money. The years between the ages of 14-26 are a young person's skill building, not wealth building years. Effectively communicating this message is difficult, especially in summer employment programs when the only thing students expect to gain is a paycheck. During skill building years, youth should focus on understanding and gaining 5 key elements:

Attempts at communicating this message have been less than encouraging. Consequently, many youth fail to capitalize on work experience opportunities necessary for long-term labor force attachment and future economic-self-sufficiency.

Our approach to workforce development and education is not similar to other pre-employment /life skills methods that have traditionally not been marked by success. While our approach does contain strategies that are of a familiar nature, the method is atypical. As we prepare youth to achieve goals associated with workforce achievement, we engage their peer and popular culture in the process. As a result, learning becomes relevant, interesting and impactful.

Summer Employment Program