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Applicant Information

Education Status

1. If not attending school, did you drop out?

2. Are you behind in school credits?

3. Have you passed your Exit Exam (CAHSEE)?

If no, which subject(s) have you not passed?

5. Are you planning to go to college after H.S?


6. Do you live with your parents?

7. Are you a foster child?

8. Do you have a disability? (learning, physical, mental)

9. Are you a citizen of the United States?

If no, do you have authorization to work in the U.S.?

10. Are you a teen parent or pregnant?

11. Are you on juvenile probation of any sort?

Males Only

This only applies to males.

Are you registered with the Selective Service?

Income Information (required)
Please list all persons currently living in your household and any persons who resided in your household during the past six (6) months. Be sure to include their GROSS monthly income (before deductions) and income source. For example, state company name, state if your family is receiving T.A.N.F. (formerly A.F.D.C.), unemployment, disability, social security, etc.
Name Relationship Age Source of Income Gross Monthly Income Still in Household?

Alternate Contact

Must include two different alternate contacts WHO ARE NOT currently living with you.

Personal Statement (required)

Current High School Transcript

You MUST mail in or fax a copy of your unofficial transcript to the Career Beginnings office.