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About Us

Sensational Sophomores is a campus group that selects academically responsible freshmen and develops them as leaders. If you become a Sensational Sophomore, you will experience personal growth in various professional contexts, experience leadership opportunities, and get exposure to campus administrators.

The students provide volunteer support at campus events, give campus tours, provide community service, and develop leadership skills. They also model success for freshman students who want to strive to become Sensational Sophomores themselves.


Leadership is the first pillar of the Sensational Sophomores Program. Students develop leadership skills and are exposed to different leaders on and off-campus, engage in leadership opportunities, and learn different leadership styles so that they may also internally develop those same skills. Through the program, students will become leaders amongst their fellow peers and in their community and shall help foster growth through leading younger students and volunteering around the community.


Service is the second pillar of the Sensational Sophomores Program. Through a variety of on-campus and off-campus participation, Sensational Sophomores assists with different activities, conferences, lectures, and events while also positively showcasing student leadership on the CSUB campus. These students are also called to speak during student panels, workshops, lectures, and ceremonies to highlight their leadership experience and mentor future students of the program.

Topical Seminars

Education through seminars is the third and last pillar of the Sensational Sophomores program. The Sensational Sophomores meetings, led by the Class President and Executive Officers, host leaders both on and off campus to come and present on different topical presentations. Along with the seminars, the class discusses different projects and service opportunities to assist the campus and Bakersfield community.

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