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Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is an initiative that started nation-wide by pro-active students wanting to volunteer in their communities during their Spring Breaks. Students have taken advantage of cleaning their communities, serving the public, and networking with community leaders during their week-long vacation. The overall result has been a positive and leadership-developing project. 


The Sensational Sophomores started their first ASB project in 2017 with Habitat for Humanity. With the non-profit organization, students demolished a shed and performed yard work for a house in Arvin. In 2018, the next class helped renovate and decorate a community center for young children. The overall goal of ASB with the Sensational Sophomores is to connect students to their community, address a need or problem, and become pro-active change-makers. Each year, the elected Officers of the Class communicate with various community organizations and decide on the service project that is suitable for their class.  


Through the ASB, continuing Sensational Sophomore Classes have went on to volunteer at beach clean-ups, campus clean-ups, and other community endeavors.