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About CAMP

CAMP is Committed To Students' Success!

Program Overview

The College Assistance Migrant Program at CSU Bakersfield is committed to serve, educate, and empower students from a migratory and farm-working background to enable the completion of their first year of college. The CAMP project is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education and hosted by CSU Bakersfield since 2000. The Bakersfield-CAMP project is funded to serve 65 students from the Southern San Joaquin Valley to provide a pre-college transitional experience for first-year college participants, the student support services are aimed to assist CAMP participants develop skills necessary to persist and graduate with a baccalaureate degree. 

Thus far, the Bakersfield-CAMP project has assisted hundreds of students complete their first academic year and it has ensured that its participants enroll for the subsequent term to continue their postsecondary studies.

The Bakersfield—CAMP project staff possess professional experience in the field of education and are well versed on the academic and  socio-economic barriers that challenge students from a low-income, first-generation, migratory, and seasonal farm-working background.

The program is focused on addressing the concerns of students to increase the retention and graduation rates of student participants. The Bakersfield—CAMP provides the following student support services: 

  • Two-week summer bridge program (July-August)
  • Book financial assistance
  • Effective student retention strategies
  • Student-focused academic advising
  • Early academic intervention services
  • Tuition financial assistance
  • One university letter graded credit
  • Computer lab access to participants
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Printing

Bakersfield–CAMP' Student Performance

  • During the last four years, 93% of Bakersfield–CAMP participants have completed a minimum of 24-units during their first academic year on average; whereas completers enrolling for their second year is 97%.
  • Bakersfield–CAMP alumni are currently school administrators, nurses, elected officials, engineers, business managers, teachers, counselors.

Kern County Collaboration

  • The Bakersfield–CAMP project has established a strong collaboration and partnership with State CAMP projects and Region Migrant Education Programs (Region 5, 14, 19, 21, and 24).
  • The Bakersfield–CAMP project has been the recipient of a grant award from our local Employer’s Training Resource (ETR) to provide book assistance to children of seasonal farmworkers since 2008.