Programs & Services

College Peer Advisors/Tutoring at School Site

Cal-SOAP currently has 12 tutors at 12 consortium high schools. Tutors are usually from backgrounds similar to those of the targeted high school students and they understand the challenges they face. Tutors meet with students in classrooms or a college/career center and provide academic tutoring or college advisement. They encourage students to be academically successful and to set realistic goals for pursuing higher education. Tutors are supervised by Site Coordinators, usually a high school counselor or other administrator, and overseen by the Cal-SOAP Field Advisor.

I'm Going to College!

This program serves approximately 400 fourth graders from rural elementary schools that feed into Cal-SOAP high schools. This semester-long program introduces the idea of college to children that do not have families and communities that cultivate the idea of someday attending college. Teachers and students are given workbooks that include college and financial aid activity worksheets that are aimed at getting the students to think about their futures. Cal-SOAP staff make monthly visits to the schools to deliver presentations about the importance of college as well as the differing college and financial aid systems. The highlight of the program is an early spring field trip to California State University Bakersfield where the participants get to be honorary college students for a day. They are issued mock financial aid checks that turn in to receive backpacks, books and other schools supplies. The students attend classes taught by real college professors in subjects such as Math, Science, Art, English, and Physical Education. Lunch is normally provided for all students attending this event.

College: Making It Happen!

This is the major college event offered to Kern County middle school & high school students and their families. It occurs annually in the spring at a college. The goal of this program is to communicate the importance of early academic preparation and financial planning. Workshops are offered for students and parents on the four systems of higher education, financial aid, A-G requirements, study skills, and college life. There is also a college and career resource fair with lunch provided. Past participation has ranged from 3,000 attendees hosted by California State University, Bakersfield.

Transfer: Making It Happen!

This program is to provide college and transfer information to high school and community college students that will assist in their academic and financial planning and preparation for educational opportunities after graduation or during their transition from a community college to a four-year educational institution.

The goal of this program is to provide high school students and parents with the necessary tools and information to actively pursue post-secondary education, to provide community college students with the necessary tools and information to transfer to four-year educational institution, and to provide mentoring and advisement through ongoing meetings with College Peer Advisor

Career Technical Education

Career & Technical Education (CTE) provides opportunities for individuals to receive training and prepare for careers in a variety of occupational fields. CTE courses also allow individuals already working to upgrade their skills in order to continually meet business and industry standards. From most CTE training schools, a certificate of achievement or completion (CA, CC) may be awarded or an associates degree (AA, AS) may be attained. CTE programs generally take two (2) years or less to complete.

CTE Seminar

SSJV Cal-SOAP will visit 8th and 9th grade students in the feeder schools of high schools currently being served to provide workshops and presentations on vocational and technical careers and programs. These presentations will introduce career and technical education topics, and utilize Pathways and Who do you want 2B materials. SSJV Cal-SOAP Field Advisor and College Peer Advisors/Tutors will be trained to deliver these presentations. SSJV Cal-SOAP will also provide the College Peer Advisors/ Tutors with additional training on available CTE resources with their quarterly College Peer Advising/Tutoring training. Information on various community colleges and local companies employing technical and vocational degree holders will be discussed in the seminar.. These seminars will provide students the opportunity to plan ahead and how they can begin to work on their CTE goals when they begin high school. The students will be informed about available financial aid and awareness of the skills set necessary for them to succeed in CTE Careers.

Open House

High school students and parents will be invited to participate in a CTE Open House to be held at the local community colleges (Bakersfield & Taft College). The SSJV Cal-SOAP will provide workshops, presentations and panels that will inform participants of local resources available on vocational and technical careers and programs. Nearby community colleges and businesses will be invited to showcase their vocational fields by setting up exhibits of individual programs offered. Various community and specialty colleges will be invited to participate in a panel to answer questions from students and parents. SSJV Cal-SOAP will also offer workshops on Financial Aid to help participants learn how to finance their CTE goals using Cal-Grant, Pell Grant, and Private funding sources.

Resource Fair

During the 2013-2014 academic year, SSJV Cal-SOAP combined their annual Career and Technical Education Fair with the Open House held in both Bakersfield & Taft College. At this event, students and their parents will have the opportunity to meet regional professionals in technical career fields as well as pursue current employment openings. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with local Career and Technical education instructors and to increase knowledge and understanding of related careers.

I'm Going to College

Transfer: Making It Happen!

Taft College Steps to Success