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Travel FAQs

CSU Travel Suspension Extended Thru July 31

Instructions: How to Cancel Travel

Instructions: How to Cancel Travel in Concur Only

CA AB-1887 List of Banned/Restricted States

THESE FAQs relate only to business travel, not relocation.  Contact Payment Services for relocation details.

Where do I find the travel expense claim and travel advance forms?

All Travel forms are in the CSUB forms gateway, under Travel.

What needs to be submitted with the Travel Expense Claim?

                 Note: Signatures on the claim must be originals.


  • Original receipts for all expenses $25.00 and over.
    •  If a receipt is lost, an approved Lost Receipt Form is required
    • **Overuse of the Lost Receipt Forms will result in a traveler being disqualified from using them, thus not being reimbursed for that expense.
  • Detailed meeting or conference agenda, including meals that are included.
  • Flight itinerary, if applicable.
  • Boarding passes, if applicable.
  • Hotel folio, showing expense details and amount paid and method of payment (last 4 digits of credit card).
  • If you are traveling with students and paying for their travel expenses, a list of the students must be provided.
  • In the Purpose of Trip, Remarks and Details section, write why you’re traveling – the name of the conference & how it relates to your job, or purpose of your meeting trip, etc.
    • If there are any details that are out of the normal, tell us here. Did you take a personal day at the conference destination? Did you take a group of students? Were you delayed for some reason and had to add an extra day? Whatever it is, it should be documented on your claim. The more details you include, the higher the chance that you will be reimbursed quickly.

  When are Travel Claims due?

  • Claims involving Travel Advances must be submitted to Payment Services @ 35 ADM within 30 days of the end of travel.
  • Any unused money from a Travel Advance must be deposited at the Cashier’s Office (crediting the same chartfield the Travel Advance was charged to) within 30 days of the end of travel.
  • All other travel claims must be received by Payment Services @ 35 ADM within 60 days of the end of travel, per CSU policy.

  What are Travel Advances for?    

  • Travel Advances are issued only for expenses that are required to be paid before travel occurs, such as athletic entry fees. Conference fees should be paid by the department Visa ProCard. Travel Advances must be cleared within 30 days from the date of travel by submitting a travel claim or by returning the advance.

 What happens if a Faculty or staff pays for their conference fee, how will they get reimbursed?

  • If other travel expenses (lodging, meals, etc.) will be claimed, they must prepare a Travel Advance form at least 30 days before the conference. If no other travel expenses will be claimed, a Direct Pay form must be submitted for reimbursement.

Are there any special requirements for traveling out of the country?

  • All International travel needs to be signed by the President and Provost. Safety and Risk needs to sign the Travel Authorization form stating that you purchased insurance.

How do I book a flight, hotel or car rental?

  • You must complete a charge request to obtain pre-authorization to reserve a flight or car rental. Flight arrangements must be made through Uniglobe. Every traveler will be responsible for arranging their own lodging, requesting governmental rates and occupancy tax waivers. Local hotel arrangements may be reserved through one of our preferred hotels via a charge request.

How much do I get reimbursed for meals?

  • Travelers will be reimbursed for actual expenses on meal purchases up to a maximum of $55 per day. Receipts are required for expenses equal to or greater than $25. Please note, travelers will no longer receive per diem amounts for meals.

When will my travel reimbursement get paid?

  • Payment Services will process travel claims within 10 business days or next check run if all proper documentation and approvals are complete. Any claims that are missing documentation will result in delayed processing. If you want to pick-up your check, you will receive an email from Accounting & Reporting Services when your check is ready for pick-up.


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