Travel FAQs

For complete travel guidelines, visit the CSUB Concur website.

These FAQs relate only to business travel, not relocation. 

Contact Payment Services at with questions.

♦ Travel Training Video: How to Travel on CSU Business

Where do I find the travel expense claim and travel advance forms?

  • Staff & Faculty should submit all Stateside/BKCMP travel paperwork in the Concur Travel System.
  • Guests & student assistant travel for Stateside/BKCMP can be input in Concur by a CSUB employee.
  • Auxiliary-funded travel (ASI, Foundation, SPA/grants, STU/SEI) should be submitted using the forms on the CSUB forms gateway.

When are Travel Claims due?

  • Any unused money from a Travel Advance must be deposited at the Cashier’s Office (crediting the same chartfield the Travel Advance was charged to) within 30 days of the end of travel. Attach a copy of the receipt to your Expense Claim in Concur. (Advances are granted only for hardship cases.)
  • All other travel claims should be submitted and approved in Concur within 30 days of the end of travel per CSUB policy. In extreme circumstances, an extension may be granted, but per CSU policy, all claims must be completed within 60 days of the end of travel.

What happens if a Faculty or staff pays for their conference fee, how will they get reimbursed?

  • Conferences should be paid on CSUB ProCards.
  • Travelers who pay for their conference and/or travel expenses instead of using the options provided by CSUB (ProCards for conferences, Concur Travel and Uniglobe for airfare) will be reimbursed when they submit their travel expense claim after travel ends. 

Are there any special requirements for traveling out of the country?

  • All International travel needs to be signed by the the Provost (Academic departments only),  President Zelezny, and Tim Ridley in Risk Management (to coordinate international travel insurance).
  • International travel requests must include the State Department's travel advisory for the country/countries.
  • Go to the Concur homepage for more information.

How do I book a flight, hotel or car rental?

  • Staff and faculty charging travel to BKCMP should submit a Travel Request in Concur to obtain pre-authorization before making any reservations.
  • Airfare may then be purchased in Concur or made with Uniglobe (provide them with the 4-digit Concur Request reference number).
  • Hotel reservations may be made in Concur and charged to the traveler's credit card.
  • All car rentals should be made by calling the local car rental agency and providing them with the 4-digit Concur Request reference number.
  • Every traveler is responsible for requesting governmental rates and occupancy tax waivers (when checking into a California hotel).  tax exemption request for CA hotels 

How much do I get reimbursed for meals?

  • Travelers will be reimbursed for actual expenses on meal purchases up to a maximum of $55 per day. Receipts are required for expenses equal to or greater than $25. NOTE: The CSU stopped paying domestic per diem in 2011.

When will my travel reimbursement get paid?

  • Payment Services will process travel claims within 10 business days of receipt or the next check run if all proper documentation and approvals are complete. Any claims that are missing documentation will result in delayed processing.


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