Accounts Payable FAQs

CSUBuy/Procure-to-Pay (P2P) System Coming Soon     

1. Where do I go to find the forms to request a payment or reimbursement?

  • Use the forms on the Forms Gateway, which will automatically route for signatures using Adobe Sign. 
  • Consult the Payment Matrix to decide which form to use.

2. When is a Business Meal Approval Form (BMAF) required?

  • The BMAF Form is required whenever hospitality is provided; i.e., whenever food or drink (even water) is purchased in connection with official university business. This doesn’t apply to business travel.  Hospitality Policy  
  • When is a list of attendees required? A list of some kind is always required with a BMAF. When large groups are involved, a description of “campus community”, “open to the public”, “local high schools” or similar will be accepted.

3. Can I download a form and save it on my desk top for future use?

No. A new form must be used each time; use the form from the Forms Gateway, which will route for approvals in Adobe Sign.

4. When does Accounts Payable require a social security number?

For all payments except reimbursements to employees only, we must have the payee's Social Security Number (individuals) or EIN (companies) before we are able to pay them.

Unless someone is paid in the CSUBuy/P2P system (at which time they will use their tax ID to enroll as a supplier), all payees except employees must fill out and submit a Vendor Data Record/Form 204.  This is a State of California requirement and cannot be waived.

5. What is use tax?

Use tax needs to be paid on any tangible goods that were purchased for use in California if they weren’t purchased for resale and we didn’t pay any (or enough) sales tax at the time of purchase. This tax is owed even if the items were purchased online or in a different state. Sales & use tax is not levied on services.

6. Should we keep copies of what we submit to Payment Services?

Best practice is for departments to keep copies of all paperwork for one year (for grant paperwork, consult your grants analyst). Since you should be submitting all AP paperwork in either Adobe Sign or via email and all travel paperwork in Concur (see VII), it should be easy for you to keep copies.

7. Where do I send payment requests? (Direct Pay, Travel, etc.)?

  • Non-travel requests should be submitted using the forms on the Forms Gateway, which will automatically route for signatures using Adobe Sign. 
  • Vendor invoices should be emailed to (add the PO # and any approvals before sending).
  • All travel requests and claims should be submitted using the Concur Travel System. The only exception is travel being charged to auxiliary funding, which will need to be submitted on paper forms found on the Forms Gateway

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