Accounts Payable FAQs

Orders and payments should all go through CSUBUY/P2P unless they are reimbursements.  Reimbursements may be submitted through the Direct Pay PowerForm on the Forms Gateway

1. Where do I find you forms and can I download a form and save it on my desk top for future use?

No. A new form must be used each time; all forms are on the Forms Gateway.

2. What is use tax?

Use tax needs to be paid on any tangible goods that were purchased for use in California if they weren’t purchased for resale and we didn’t pay any (or enough) sales tax at the time of purchase. This tax is owed even if the items were purchased online or in a different state. Sales & use tax is not levied on services.

3. Should we keep copies of what we submit to Payment Services?

Best practice is for departments to keep copies of all paperwork for one year (for grant paperwork, consult your grants analyst).


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