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Accounts Payable FAQ

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I.  When is the Business Meal Approval Forms (BMAF) required?

The BMAF Form is required whenever hospitality is provided; i.e., whenever food or drink (even water) is purchased in connection with official university business. This doesn’t apply to business travel.

 II. When is a list of attendees required?

A list is always required. When large groups are involved however a description of “campus community”, “open to the public” or “local high schools” will be accepted.

III. Can I download a form and save it on my desk top for future use?

While some forms can be downloaded, it’s not a practice that we encourage. There are many forms that use a numbering system for reference, so they must be retrieved from the forms site for each use so that a unique number will be attached to it. (e.g. Special Services Form, Direct Pay Form, Charge Requests.)

We often need to update forms, guidelines, and policies, so if you do download a form (other than those listed above), remember to review it regularly (monthly, at most) to ensure you have the latest document.

IV. When does Accounts Payable require a social security number?

When the payment to an individual is tax reportable, we must enter their Social Security number in Peoplesoft before we are able to pay them. amount for taxes. These include but are not limited to special services, stipends, awards or prizes.

V. What is use tax?

Sales & use tax is a type of excise. Use tax needs to be paid on any tangible goods that were purchased for use in California, if they weren’t purchased for resale and we didn’t pay sales tax at the time of purchase. This tax is owed even if the items were purchased online or in a different state. 

 Sales & use tax is not levied on services.

VI. Where do I go to find the forms to request a payment or reimbursement?

AP forms are located on our department forms page and on the CSUB Forms Gateway under Buying and Paying Forms.

VII. Where do I send payment requests? (Direct Pay, Travel, etc.)?

Documents may be delivered directly to Payment Services in the Administration East Building (we share a window with Student Financial Services in the lobby next to the Cashier’s Office windows) or sent through campus mail to 35 ADM.

If paperwork is urgent, it should be hand-delivered directly to our department.  We cannot be responsible for paperwork that we have never received. We usually pay requests within 10 business days of receiving completed paperwork in our office, or the next check run day thereafter.

VIII. Should we keep copies of what we submit to Payment Services?

Best practice is to keep copies of all paperwork before delivering or mailing it. If the paperwork is lost, it will need to be redone.  If you have a copy, all you need to do is mark it in red as “COPY” in the upper-right corner and get original signatures from all signers. (Audit requirements are that signatures be original.  Black ink makes it difficult to distinguish if a signature is original, so blue is preferred.)

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