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Auxiliary-funded travel (BKASI, BKFDN, BKSPA, or BKSTU) is not currently allowed in Concur and must be submitted on paper claims. Auxiliary-funded travel should be coming in Concur Phase 3.

You may now enter group travel expenses as well as guest and student travel. 

The travel module can be used to make air, hotel, rail and sometimes car reservations for CSU travel. Travel arrangements made through the Concur Travel module are managed by our CSU Travel Management Company (TMC), Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). Any call to CBT will result in a $26 per-ticket charge.

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Concur Guides

  • Concur User Guide Illustrated step-by-step instructions for working with expense reports

Expense FAQs

  • Will someone else be able to create my expense report on my behalf? Yes. A delegate can create expense reports on a traveler's behalf. The delegate can create the reports, but the traveler is required to submit it. This replaces the signature requirement. This can be done via a smartphone, which should decrease the processing time/reimbursement time.
  • What should I do with my original receipts? Employees should keep original receipts until the report is fully approved and reimbursement received. In case the scanned/faxed receipts cannot be read, you will be able to re-attach them to the report in Concur Expense. Receipts must be scanned and attached to the reports in Concur Expense.
  • What if I have expenses charged to my Concur Travel Card, but they are not in Concur Travel and Expense to attach to my expense report? You should wait to submit those expenses until you do see them in the tool and can match them to a report. Do not enter the expenses manually because it may cause a problem. Some vendors do not submit charge card expenses timely and there could be as much as a week delay.
  • When will my travel charges post to CFS? All expenses will be extracted from Concur Travel and Expense and posted to CFS after the expense report is fully approved and paid.
  • What are e-Receipts in Concur? e-Receipts are electronic itemized receipts that can be accepted in lieu of a scanned or attached receipt file. Employees are able to receive e-Receipts for transactions from vendors who have an e-Receipt agreement with Concur.
  • How do I enable e-Receipts in Concur? To enable e-Receipts, employees must login to Concur. Click the Profile tab to view your profile options, and then select E-Receipt Activation. The E-Receipt Activation and User Agreement window will open. Read the agreement and then click “I Agree” to complete the e-Receipt activation.
  • Can an e-receipt be sent to someone's personal e-mail address? No, e-receipts cannot be sent an e-mail address. The e-receipt is accessible through the Receipt Store in Concur. Once the e-receipt is attached to an expense, it will be viewable through the Expense Report.
  • How far back are records kept in the system of past trips and expense trips? The traveler can view back at least 12 months of their own expense reports.
  • Some registrations still require a check be provided and do not accept credit cards. How should this expense be paid for? Conference and training registrations should be paid using a ProCard (after getting pre-approval for the related travel). The cost should be added to the Expense Report and noted as University Paid.
  • Will my delegate be able to submit my expense report? The traveler must make the first submission, but delegates may submit if it is returned for changes.

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