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State-funded or sponsored travel is restricted to some states per the State Attorney General and Assembly Bill (AB) 1887.   See the current list of restricted states here.

Introducing Concur Travel

Concur is the travel request and expense system for our campus; all travel paperwork paid using Stateside funds (BKCMP) should be submitted in Concur.  The system includes workflow and employees can now see where their request or expense claim is at all times.

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Complete Concur User Guide

You may now enter group travel expenses as well as guest and student travel. 

Auxiliary-funded travel (BKASI, BKFDN, BKSPA, or BKSTU) is not currently allowed in Concur and must be submitted on paper claims. Auxiliary-funded travel should be coming in Concur Phase 3.

Concur Travel Credit Card Application

Minimum Requirements for All Travelers


Concur Training Video & Test

Concur Training - recorded CSUB training class

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Profile Setup Guide

Prior to using Concur Travel and Expense, you must complete your user profile.  You can also assign arrangers (to make travel reservations for you) and delegates (to compile your Travel requests and Expense claims for you).
Video: Setting Up Your Profile Video:Activating E-Receipts

Video: Concur Delegates, Delegating Approval Authority

0:01 Assign a Delegate (to enter paperwork on your behalf. They can't submit for you .)

1:05 Delegate another Approver/MPP to approve on your behalf, temporarily (vacations).

1:54 Set up someone to Preview transactions before they come to you for approval.

2:24 See who has set you up as their Delegate.

2:43 How to work as a Delegate, on behalf of another person.

Request (traveler or delegate)

The request module is used to enter trip-related details, estimate costs, communicate time away from campus, and document the required pre-approval of travel. This replaces the Travel Authorization Request Form.
Video: Create and Submit a Travel Request
Video: Adding Expenses to a Request
Video: Closing a Request (After All Related Expenses Have Been Submitted)

For step-by-step instructions on how to set someone up as your Delegate, watch this video: Concur Delegates, Delegating Approval Authority.

Travel (traveler or arranger)

The travel module can be used to make air, hotel, rail and sometimes car reservations for CSU travel. Travel arrangements made through the Concur Travel module are managed by our CSU Travel Management Company (TMC), Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). Any call to CBT will result in a $26 per-ticket charge.
Most simple travel can be booked in the travel module without contacting CBT. We recommend only contacting CBT with complicated travel plans.
Campus is not required to make travel reservations within Concur. Externals bookings (i.e. Uniglobe) can still be made.

Video: Booking a Flight
Video: Booking a Hotel

Things to consider while traveling:
♦ Itemized receipts and proof of payment is required for all expenses of $25.00 and over.
♦ CBT can be contacted to assist with reservation changes/cancellations 24/7 if reservations were made through the Concur module.

Expense (traveler or delegate)

The Expense module is used to submit all claims for reimbursement and to reconcile the Concur Travel Credit Card activity.
Video: Acting as a Delegate
Video: Itemizing Nightly Lodging Expenses
Video: Allocating (Splitting) Expenses
Video: Adding Concur Travel Credit Card Charges to an Expense Claim
Video: Adding an Expense to an Expense Report
Video: Adding Personal Car Mileage
Video: Working With Available Receipts
Video: Correcting and Resubmitting an Expense Report

Approval (approver)

Concur travel requests and expense claims must be reviewed and action must be taken to complete the approval workflow in CTE. Approvers will receive an email notification when a transaction has been submitted for their approval.
♦ Request: Approvers have 10 days (including weekends) to approve.
♦ Expense: Approvers have 10 days (including weekends) to approve.

If you're an Approver and you're going on vacation, you'll need to set up another MPP/Approver to approve during your absence.  For step-by-step instructions, go to 1:05 of this video: Concur Delegates, Delegating Approval Authority.

Video: Approving a Request
Video: Reviewing and Approving an Expense Report
Video: Sending an Expense Report Back

Concur Travel Credit Card (traveler)

The travel credit card program was created in conjunction with implementing CTE. This card is available for eligible employees who travel 2+ times per year on University business and submit all their travel in Concur. Even if you have travel on your ProCard, you should apply for a Concur Travel Credit Card and use that for all travel expenses. All of the expenses charged to a Concur Travel credit Card will automatically load into your Concur profile, thus reducing the time required to submit your Travel Expense Claims.
Credit Card Application

Mobile Applications (traveler)

The CTE implementation included two mobile applications that may be used by employees.
♦ Concur app - can be used to capture receipts, classify expenses, and build expense reports using  smartphone or mobile device.
♦ TripIt app - can be used to manage itineraries, with functionality that provides change alerts (especially important during air travel), neighborhood ratings for hotel locations, and overall itinerary management.
Video: Setting Up the Concur Mobile App

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Concur Travel & Expense (CTE) Login

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Concur FAQs

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