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Dental Insurance Plans

The California State University Dental Program consists of two types of plans: Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare USA:

Delta Dental PPO

  • This is an indemnity plan that allows you to select the dentist of your choice.

  • Your current dentist may participate in the Delta Dental PPO Network and/or the Delta Dental Premier Network in California. If so, he/she has claim forms and will file your claim. Both you and Delta have a shared responsibility of paying the dentist for services received.

  • If you select a dentist from the Delta Dental PPO Network, you will typically pay a lower amount on your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • If you choose a non-Delta dentist, you must pay entirely for services obtained and then submit a claim form with appropriate documentation to Delta Dental PPO for reimbursement.

  • Since you are not assigned to a specific dentist, you will not receive an identification card. Simply inform the particular dental office you seek services and that you are covered under the Delta Dental PPO plan through California State University.

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DeltaCare USA

  • This is a prepaid dental maintenance organization plan, which means that all covered dental care for you and your dependents is prepaid and must be performed by the DeltaCare USA panel dentist that you are assigned. (You may change dentists by contacting DeltaCare USA.)

  • Under this plan, each covered dental service has a specific co-payment amount, and some services are covered at no charge.

  • No claim forms are required under this plan.

  • You will receive an identification card which shows the name of your contract dentist.

  • All covered dental services deemed necessary by your dentist will be provided subject to plan limitations explained in the EOC booklet.

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Vision Insurance Plan

All eligible employees and their eligible dependents are automatically enrolled in the vision insurance plan.  Vision Service Plan (VSP) is the vision plan provider and will provide administration of all vision benefits and claims.

  • Premiums are paid by the CSU.
  • May visit any licensed ophthalmologist, optometrist or dispensing optician of choice.
  • By choosing a participating provider in the Vision Service Plan (VSP) network, the insurance will cover more out-of-pocket costs.

More information is available on the CSU Systemwide Vision Plan web page.

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