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Where do I find the travel expense claim and travel advance forms?

Go to the CSUB website, under Business and Administrative Services, you will find the Forms section

What needs to be submitted with the Travel Expense Claim?

All original receipts and back-up documentation, such as meeting agenda, hotel folio, flight boarding passes and flight itinerary, must be included with the claim. If you’re traveling with students and paying for students’ travel expenses, a list of students must be provided.

When are travel claims due?

Travel claims must be submitted to Accounting within 30 days from date of travel.

What are Travel Advances for?

Travel Advances are only issued for expenses that have been incurred before traveling, such as conference registration fees. Travelers should request payment directly to the organization and not pay for registration fees out of pocket. Travel Advances must be cleared within 30 days from date of travel by submitting a travel claim or by returning the advance.

What happens if a Faculty or Staff pays for their conference fee, how will they get reimbursed?

If other travel expenses (lodging, meals, etc.) will be claimed, they must prepare a Travel Advance form at least 30 days before the conference. If no other travel expenses will be claimed, a Direct Pay form must be submitted for reimbursement.

Are there any special requirements for traveling out of the country?

Yes, please contact Safety and Risk Management (x2066) to purchase travel insurance.

How do I book a flight, hotel or car rental?

You must complete a charge request to obtain pre-authorization to reserve a flight or car rental. Flight arrangements must be made through Uniglobe. Every traveler will be responsible for arranging their own lodging, requesting governmental rates and occupancy tax waivers. Local hotel arrangements may be reserved through one of our preferred hotels via a charge request.

How much do I get reimbursed for meals?

Travelers will be reimbursed for actual expenses on meal purchases up to a maximum of $55 per day. Receipts are required for expenses equal to or greater than $25. Please note, travelers will no longer receive per diem amounts for meals.

When will my travel reimbursement get paid?

Accounting will process travel claims within 10 business days if all proper documentation and approvals are complete. Any claims that are missing documentation will result in delayed processing. If you want to pick-up your check, you will receive an email from General Accounting when your check is ready for pick-up.

How do I apply for an American Express Government Card?

The application is located in the Travel Forms section. When the form is filled out, it is sent to Fiscal Services for approval by the AVP of Fiscal Services. Once a card is ordered, it will take approximately two weeks to arrive.