Image “Bleeds” and “Safe Print” Zones

Bleed is a printing term used to indicate the area that will be trimmed off after the file is printed and cut down to the finished size. Since the bleed area will be trimmed off during the cutting process, there should be no text or other important information in the bleed area. Projects that make use of image bleed should extend any bleeding background and/or images 1/8” over the final paper trim edge.

It is also recommended that all other text and graphics stay inside a Safe Zone printing area which stays inside the final paper trim edge by about 1/4”-1/2". This ensures a more professional appearance and eliminates any risk of type or images being accidentally nicked during trimming.

Diagram of Bleed Marks

The Importance of Bleeds and Safe Zones

Understanding bleeds and safe zones during the design phase will help move your project through the printing process more efficiently, avoiding the need to make time-consuming and often costly adjustments.