Online Rental Check-in Process

To initiate a rental check-in online, the rental patron must complete the following steps:

  1. Log on to the website.
  2. Click the Your Account link found at the top right bar of the page. The Your Account page displays.
  3. Click the View your Order History link at the bottom of the page. The Order History page displays.
  4. Click the Order# link for the text that is to be checked-in. The Order Details page displays. Note: This page contains all of the order details, including the product details with the rental due date, the non-return charge, and non-return processing fee.
  5. Click the Check Rental Status button. The Rental Status page displays.
  6. Click the CHECK-IN-Return your rental textbooks box under the Open Rental Items field. The quantity of open items checkboxes display.
  7. Review the Qty Open box.
  8. Enter the amount of books to be checked in on the Quantity to CHECK-IN box.
  9. Click the Process Order button. The Rental Check-in page displays.
  10. Review the address fields and ensure that the correct return address is listed.
  11. Click the Continue button. A Thank You page displays.
  12. Click the Create A Shipping Label and Package Slip button. A Shipping Label page displays.
  13. Click the Print button. A packing slip and package label are printed. Note: The patron proceeds with packing and returning the course materials within the normal return process listed on the packing slip. The patron must include the packing list with the books and affixes the Fed Ex shipping label to the outside of the box. The patron takes the package to any location that ships Fed Ex Ground. All packages must be postmarked prior to the return date listed on the receipt.

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