AV Library

The library at the AV campus is located in the 500 building and is a great place to do research. While there are a limited amount of books on hand, students have access to a number of specialized services that put the entire CSU library system at their fingertips including:

Research Materials

  • Articles and Databases - This service allows students to access a vast array of journal articles  easily and conveniently from any computer with Internet access. Articles not available electronically can be obtained through interlibrary loan. 
  • Books and Videos - Books can be sent to CSUB-AV from main campus in two business days.
  • Course Reserves - When instructors have placed hard copy reserves at CSUB-AV they will be available in the resource center located in the 500 building. Electronic course reserves are available through the library website at www.csub.edu/library.
  • Interlibrary Loan Request - students are able to obtain books from other libraries as well as CSUB through interlibrary loan request. 
  • Local Area Libraries- libraries also available are the Antelope Valley College library, Palmdale city library, and Lancaster library. Please visit their respective pages for hours of operation and research questions. 

Research Assistance

  • In-person Research Assistance -  call (661) 952-5072.
  • Subject Specific Research Assistance - Specialized assistance via email or telephone. Please contact the the library for an appointment.

Library Hours:

Monday through Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm

Libarian: Kristine Holloway 

Email: kholloway2@csub.edu
Room 502
Contact:  661-952-5072

Please remember that this schedule does not apply to the summer session or the periods between quarters. Please call to check the operating hours during these special circumstances. 

CSUB-AV Librarian

Kristine Holloway
(661) 952-5072

Bldg 500 Rm. 502

Libarian Assistant