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The mission of the CSUB Department of Art and Art History is to encourage research, innovation, and experimentation. The Art and Gallery Program’s aim is to foster an environment ripe for learning and risk-taking. Operating within both historical and theoretical contexts, the students develop an individual approach to their chosen artistic processes, materials and techniques. They become technically skilled, historically conscious and conceptually engaged. A degree in Art serves as a lens for understanding the larger world, offering students viable problem-solving skills that will serve them well in any discipline.

Career Opportunities

CSUB Art alumni go on to successful careers as Museum Professionals, Animators, Architects, Archivists, Art Directors, Art Historians, Art Critics, Art Teachers, Illustrators, Gallery Directors, Conservators, Curators, Registrars, Set Designers, Photographers, Cartoonists, Museum and Gallery Preparators, Web Designers, Art Fabricators, 3-D Model Makers, Industrial Designers, and many more.

Our alumni have earned Ph.D. and M.F.A. degrees at distinguished institutions including Claremont Graduate School, The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Yale School of Art, California College of the Arts, UCLA, and Oakland College of Arts.

Scholarships for Art Majors

• Mai-Lightner Arts and Humanities Scholarship Fund

Merit Award Scholarship

Dorian Society Scholarship

Armand Hammer Scholarship in the Arts

Fine Arts Merit Award Scholarship (FAMAS)

Jesse Heivly Scholarship

The “George” Award

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